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PSYCH 3980 Week 1 Notes

by: Rebecca feldman

PSYCH 3980 Week 1 Notes Psych 3980

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Psych 3980 > PSYCH 3980 Week 1 Notes
Rebecca feldman
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About this Document

chapter one august 16th and ted talk
Research Methods in Psychology
Trina Cyterski
Class Notes
research, Psychology




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebecca feldman on Monday August 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 3980 at University of Georgia taught by Trina Cyterski in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views.


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Date Created: 08/15/16
Psych 3980 Cyterski August 16, 2016 Lecture Chapter 1  Psychology Is A Way of Thinking o Provides a foundation [process vs content course] o Process course- how psychological information is researched and gathered o Develop critical thinking- ask: How do we know that? o Become a critical consumer of scientific information o Pay close attention to wording  Ex. “seeing red affects achievement”  Words like affect imply causality  experiment  Use the word experiment correctly  The Scientific Method o Psychological research relies on the scientific method o “let the data drive your opinions not the other way around” theory research question supporting details research strengthen the design theory Non supporting details lead to hypothesis revision of research design data  Cannons of the Scientific Methods (core values) 1. Empiricism-knowledge about behavior can be gained by carefully controlled observations  Ex Galileo father of modern science because his telescope led to observational scientific method  Marker variables- to stand in the place of something you cant study  Ex MacLeod, Mathew, Tata 1986 Study on Anxiety and Processing Bias o Summary: participants were shown neutral and threatening words and when the dot appeared on the screen they press a spacebar to make it go away o What was measured: reaction time o Findings: those with anxiety disorders had faster reaction time too threatening words than those without  meaning they wanted to get rid of the word faster  meaning they may contribute to their own anxiety due to hyper attention to threatening things like words o Marker variable- reaction time  Theories can be falsified  A good theory must be falsifiable because you must test to disprove a theory and if you can’t then it’s probably right  Self-correcting mechanism of science  When theories are wrong they are revised as data changes  Strength not a weakness PSYCH 3980 Video Notes Ted Talk- Danger of Science Denial  Vaccines, medical improvements, technologies creations are all products of scientific method  However, with these increases world hunger has increased  General loss of faith with institutions and government  mistrust of science  People need to accept the data and change their opinions with it instead of holding onto their false beliefs  People are so afraid of genetically modified plants because of pesticides, chemicals, and “messing with nature”, however it’s about moving molecules in an organized way and being able to feed people with our scientific improvement  “we love to wrap ourselves in lies” o Because we hate big pharma and the government  So we “leap into the arms of big placebo”


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