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Anatomy week one

by: Susan baker

Anatomy week one Bio 251

Susan baker

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About this Document

This is week one for lab and lecture. This will be on the quiz thursday and monday.
Anatomy and Physiology 1
Todd Vincent
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Susan baker on Tuesday August 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 251 at Jefferson Community College taught by Todd Vincent in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 08/16/16
Anatomy lab: Anatomical position: standing feet forward palm out or facing forward. Cardinal planes.  1. Sagittal­cut right down the middle mirror image right and left. 2. Parasagittal­ cut right or left. 3. Frontal­ cut in back. 4. Mid sagittal­ cut in middle 5. Transverse­ (horizontal) cut middle  6. Oblique­ cut in an angle. Superior­ up    Inferior­ down Cephalic­ toward the head this is for four legged animals. Caudal­ toward the rear this for four legged animals. Anterior­front  Posterior­back Ventral­belly Dorsal­back Medial­towards midline Lateral­ far from midline Proximal­ limb terminology closer to point of attachment Distal­ limb terminology farther from point of attachment Superficial­ how close to outside it is? Deep­ how close to the inner organs it is. Cavities­ is openings in the body. Dorsal Cavity­ is the back both cranial and vertebral canal. Pericardial cavity­ heart cavity Mediastinum­ left and surrounds plumbing Epigastria region­ right below sternum Inguinal­ groin Tissue­ population of cells  Names of major organ systems Effect­ create a change Negative feed back­ really suddle most homeostasis controlled by  negative feed back. Brings it back to the goal.  Response minimizes the variation away from the set point.  Skin is the primary effector (regulator) Positive feedback  Ex: blood clotting 1 common thing between negative and positive  feedback have an off switch (escalates) Uterus contraction positive feed back example Receptors­ monitors  Control system says what to do. Auto regulation­ no control system deals with it locally (nervous  system not involved.) Extrinsic regulation­ comes from somewhere else. Taking orders and  communicates. Body cavities 1. Serous membranes­ surround visceral organs and provide  lubrication Each visceral organ has its on serous membrane


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