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by: Mason McLeod
Mason McLeod
GPA 3.91

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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason McLeod on Wednesday August 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to j at Kent State University taught by b in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see l in k at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 08/17/16
  StudySoup Campus Operations Department Rapid Response StudySoupers! Use this document to answer student and professor inquiries about StudySoup! Please click on a topic or inquiry here for more info: A student asked me, ”Is this allowed on our campus?” A student asked me, “Is StudySoup like Course Hero or Chegg?” A student or professor said, “You’re going to get in trouble if you use StudySoup!”  A student asked me, “Does StudySoup violate Campus Policy?” A professor reacted negatively when I talked to them about StudySoup A professor said, “StudySoup is profiting off of students!” A professor told me, “StudySoup is a scam or a pyramid scheme!” ******************************   Situation:I was telling students on campus about how awesome StudySoup is, and the student asked, ​“Is that allowed on our campus?”​, or said“A professor told me we weren’t allowed to post or sell notes?” Rapid Response:​ Take a moment to educate student more on StudySoup. “StudySoup is frequently confused with other companies here on campus that allow the posting of old exams, homework assignments and professor powerpoints. StudySoup only allows posting and sale of notes that you create. Hey - if you create the notes and content, you should be able to do whatever you want with them, right? That’s what StudySoup lets you do...take the materials you create and make a little money!” ******************************   Situation:A student asked me, “Is this like Course Hero, or Chegg? Rapid Response:​ Actually, no. Not at all. StudySoup is much different than Course Hero or Chegg in that it only allows the posting of content that students create. Any materials not belonging to students will be removed per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. StudySoup forbids the posting of any material not belonging to the students themselves. This includes exams, homework, professor materials, or any material taken from textbooks or other copyrighted materials. ******************************     Situation:​A student or professor told me,​ “You’re going to get in trouble if you use StudySoup!” Rapid Response:​ StudySoup has more than 250,000 users, and to our knowledge, no student has ever been officially sanctioned by a school. Very rarely, Elite Notetakers have been asked to cease activity or had a “slap on the wrist.” ******************************   Situation:​A student asked me, ​ “Does StudySoup violate campus policy?” Rapid Response:​ As a StudySoup Elite Notetaker or intern, it’s your responsibility to understand and observe your school’s Code of Conduct or Honor Code. That said, because the materials posted are the intellectual property of the posting students, StudySoup should not constitute a violation of any school’s Code of Conduct. These materials belong to the Elite Notetakers, and no one else. ******************************   Situation:​I went to pitch to a class and the professor reacted negatively. Response:​ StudySoup has created a network that allows peers to share their own materials, and thus has not been banned on any campus. From time-to-time a professor or administrator can have a negative opinion about what StudySoup does, likely born in the misconception that StudySoup allows the posting of exams, homework, or professor content. In these cases, it’s best to communicate the goals of StudySoup, as a company, as it relates to class materials: - “StudySoup is not here to infringe on professor copyrights or professor materials, in any way. StudySoup just gives students a chance to share the notes they’ve created with one another, something that’s been going on for many years!” - “StudySoup isn’t meant to be a tool for students to skip class! If students skip class and buy notes from their classmates, they really won’t get very far.” - “The goal of this company is to enhance the academic environment on this campus, and StudySoup is helping do that similar to how tutors do.” ******************************   Situation:​A professor told me,​ “StudySoup is profiting off of students!”   Rapid Response:​ StudySoup’s Elite Notetakers take home around 60% of the total revenue for the notes that they sell. Students use this windfall to help pay for food, housing, vacations, and to offset out-of-control tuition costs. Students are paying up to $60k per year to attend school, so what’s wrong with making a little money off of their own hard work in class? ******************************     Situation:​A professor told me,​ “StudySoup will keep students from attending class!” Rapid Response:​ Definitely not. As we all know, if students aren’t going to attend class, they aren’t going to attend class. StudySoup, in no way, is meant to be a replacement for class attendance, and the StudySoup management team feels that students who use StudySoup as a class replacement will ultimately fail. StudySoup is a learning supplement, similar to hiring a tutor.   ******************************     Situation:​A professor told me,​ “StudySoup is a scam or a pyramid scheme!” Rapid Response:​ StudySoup has more than 250,000 users on more than 200 campuses across the country so I can assure you that this is not a scam. Forbes last year recognized StudySoup as one of five companies that could “Be the next Uber.” And a pyramid scheme? No way. ​ A pyramid scheme by definition makes money off new recruits coming in​ and paying to join. StudySoup doesn’t charge anyone that becomes a notetaker, ever. Therefore we don't make any money at all off new would be impossible to have a pyramid scheme based on our current model.  


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