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by: Julia Notetaker

Syllabus 202

Julia Notetaker
U of L
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About this Document

Course Description
Horse Industry Overview
Dr. Brittany Adams-Pope
Class Notes




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julia Notetaker on Wednesday August 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 202 at University of Louisville taught by Dr. Brittany Adams-Pope in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Horse Industry Overview in Equine at University of Louisville.


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Date Created: 08/17/16
EQIN 202-Horse Industry Overview Course Instructor: Dr. Brittany Adams-Pope Harry Frazier Hall, W112 Office: 502.852.7270 Office Hours: Tues/Thurs 11am-12pm or by appointment Course Time and Location: Tues/Thurs 9:30-10:45am, COB Room 216 Course Description: An overview of the history, cultural and economic impact of the relationship between humans and horses; the fundamentals of business management and their application to various equine operations, associations, and publications; and the structure, organizations, public policies, and economic trends in the horse industry. Course Objectives: This course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge and understanding of the horse and horse industry as a whole. Specific objectives are: 1. Understand the history and domestication of the horse, 2. Recognize the scope of the horse industry, 3. Understand the different breeds, disciplines, and opportunities in the horse industry, 4. Analyze the basic characteristics, anatomy, and physiology of the horse Course Expectations: First and foremost, this class should be fun and enjoyable! Horses are interesting animals and this class should be an exciting glimpse into their inner workings. Interaction and communication throughout the class period will make the material easier to understand. Asking questions early and often will help you succeed at mastering the course material. This course is pragmatic in its approach and it is one that you will find useful in your future contacts and work within the industry. Optional Texts: *There is NO required text for this course…I repeat, there is NO required text for this course. If you would like something to reference, the book below is a good choice: Equine Science: Basic Knowledge for Horse People of All Ages-Jean T. Griffiths. Equine Network, Cruz Bay Publishing 1 Teaching Methods: This course will be taught using mostly standard lecture materials (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc). Additionally, the instructor will use activities, videos, and guest speakers to enhance certain topic areas. Technology: The use of cell phones during class is strictly prohibited. Cell phones are not to be sitting on the desk. Texting in class is rude and I’ll know when you’re texting…people rarely look at their crotches and smile ☺ Laptop computers/tablets are allowed for note taking; although, if I see you working on something else or playing on the internet, you will not be permitted to bring such technology in the future. We’re all adults here, just be respectful, please. *The presence of a cell phone during a test will result in the picking up of your test and your dismissal from class. The use of ipods, ipads, tablets, or other devices is also prohibited. Policy on class attendance and lateness: In order to improve your knowledge of horses and the industry, and interact with your peers in a professional manner, class attendance is extremely important. If you are ill or an emergency occurs, please contact the Dr. Adams-Pope BEFORE the scheduled class time. Only documented doctor’s excuses or U of L-approved activities will be excused. Students unable to attend class must make arrangements with a fellow classmate or the instructor to obtain any handouts or notes they missed. Regarding tardiness, if you are unable to arrive to class on time, I expect that you will make a conscious effort to arrive as soon after the start time as possible. I would much rather you arrive late and join in a class discussion or activity than not participate at all. Grade Breakdown: Please note grades are based on points not percentages. A+: 582-600 points C+: 462-479 points A: 564-581 points C: 438-461 points A-: 540-563 points C-: 420-437 points B+: 522-539 points D+: 402-419 points B: 504-521 points D: 360-401 points B-: 480-503 points F: 359 and Below
 Grade Record: Assignment Due Date Points Available Points Earned Life Totem & Course Goals 9/3 25 Exam 1 10/2 100 2 Exam 2 10/30 100 Exam 3 12/4 100 Presentation TBD 100 In-class assignments Varies 75 Participation 100 TOTAL POINTS 600 Assignment Descriptions: Life Totem and Course Goals: Due Date-9/1, 25 points Life Totem?!: Ancient American Indian lore suggests that we all have Life Totems which follow us throughout our lives. Its attributes are similar to our own and reflect the life lessons and opportunities that the soul will experience. Assignment: This assignment requires you to do a little research on the different animal totems and their meaning. Select a totem, which you feel reflects who you are – as a person, as an equestrian (if you consider yourself one!), etc. Submit a 2 page double spaced paper (1 inch margins, 12pt. font) discussing who you are, your background (a brief bio) and your reasoning for selecting the totem you have. The second page should include a brief summary of the concepts you are most interested in from the course schedule. What do you hope to accomplish and/or take away when this course is over? Is there something you were hoping to learn about that you don’t see on the syllabus? Also include a picture of yourself and one of your totem. Exams: 9/22, 10/27, and 12/12 – all 100 points Exams will consist mainly of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. Each exam will cover both lecture material and material from readings. The exams are not cumulative. You will be required to bring a number 2 pencil on test days. There will be no make-up exams without a University-excused absence, documented medical illness, or as pre-arranged with the instructor. Dr. Adams-Pope must be notified within 24 hours of a missed test. If no contact is made within 24 hours no make-up will be given. Notes from doctors must be dated the day of the missed exam and/or must state that the medical condition prevented the student from taking the test. Make-up exams may contain material more difficult than exams given during class time. In-Class Assignments: 75 points total Multiple, unannounced in-class exercises will be randomly given throughout the semester. These exercises provide a great opportunity to reflect and apply the course 3 material. There will be no forewarning of these in-class exercises. You cannot make up an in-class exercise without a university excused absence. Presentation: Due 12/1-12/6 To be determined! Extra Credit Options: Current Event Speech: Throughout the course of the semester, you will have the option of giving a very short speech on a current event in the equine world. Find something interesting, write a short paragraph about it, report it to the class, and turn it in for 5 points. These are not mandatory but are meant to give students extra chances at speaking in front of a large group. Use them to your advantage! Get to Know You Visit: To earn an additional 5 points extra credit toward your final grade, schedule a personal visit with Dr. Adams-Pope. This must be complete by the semester mid-point. Appointments are encouraged. Course Outline: This is a guide and is subject to change as necessary Week Date Topic Assignments T 8/23 Syllabus & Course Expectations *See BlackBoard TH 8/25 1 Introductions & Rules T 8/30 History and Development 2 TH 9/1 Horse Industry-Then History & Course Goals T 9/6 Horse Industry-Now 3 TH 9/8 Equine Organizations T 9/13 Types of Industry Professionals 4 TH 9/15 A Hobby or a Business?! T 9/20 Exam Review Study! 5 4 5 TH 9/22 Exam #1 T 9/27 Ownership Basics 6 TH 9/29 Ownership Basics T 10/4 Happy Fall Break 7 TH 10/6 Disciplines: Equine Assisted Activities T 10/11 Disciplines: Showing 8 TH 10/13 Disciplines: Rodeos/Sporting T 10/18 Breeds, Classes, & Types 9 TH 10/20 TBD Week Date Topic Assignment T 10/25 Exam Review 10 TH 10/27 Exam #2 T 11/1 Racing Industry Dr. AP out of town 11 TH 11/3 Racing Industry Dr. AP out of town T 11/8 Election Day-GO VOTE! 12 TH 11/10 The Healthy Horse T 11/15 The Sick Horse 13 TH 11/17 Issues in the Equine Industry T 11/22 Basic Facilities & Equipment** ONLINE ASSIGNMENT! 14 5 14 TH 11/24 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! T 11/29 Presentations 15 TH 12/1 Presentations 16 T 12/6 Presentations 17 M 12/12 Final Exam 8-10:30 *Important Dates to Note: -Last day to Drop/Add: Friday, Aug. 26th -Last day of classes: Tues., Dec. 6
 -Last day to withdraw: Mon., Oct. 24h University Guidelines and Policies Students with Disability: The University of Louisville is committed to providing access to programs and services for qualified students with disabilities. If you are a student with a disability and require accommodation to participate and complete requirements for this class, notify me immediately and contact the Disability Resource Center (Robbins Hall, 852.6938) for verification of eligibility and determination of specific accommodations. Religious Holy Days and Observances: Federal law and university policy prohibit discrimination on the basis of religious belief. It is the policy of the University of Louisville to accommodate students, faculty, and staff who observe religious work-restricted holy days. Students who observe work-restricted religious holy days must be allowed to do so without jeopardizing their academic standing in any course. Faculty are obliged to accommodate students' request(s) for adjustments in course work on the grounds of religious observance, provided that the student(s) make such request(s) in writing during the first two (2) weeks of term. Deans and department chairs must investigate and resolve student complaints arising from alleged faculty failure to make reasonable accommodations under these guidelines. Academic Dishonesty: Academic dishonesty is prohibited at the University of Louisville. It is a serious offense because it diminishes the quality of scholarship, makes accurate evaluation of student progress impossible, and defrauds those in society who must ultimately depend upon the knowledge and integrity of the institution and its students and faculty. 6 Diversity: The University of Louisville strives to foster and sustain an environment of inclusiveness that empowers us all to achieve our highest potential without fear of prejudice or bias. We commit ourselves to building an exemplary educational community that offers a nurturing and challenging intellectual climate, a respect for the spectrum of human diversity, and a genuine understanding of the many differences-including race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, disability, religion, national origin or military status-that enrich a vibrant metropolitan research university. We expect every member of our academic family to embrace the underlying values of this vision and to demonstrate a strong commitment to attracting, retaining and supporting students, faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of our larger society. Sexual Harassment: I believe that everyone should be able to participate in my class without the fear of sexual harassment, and I am committed to the university's policy. Additionally, certain behaviors are inappropriate even if they do not meet the technical criteria for harassment. Be respectful to each other. Title IX/Clery Act Notification: Sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and any other nonconsensual behavior of a sexual nature) and sex discrimination violate University policies. Students experiencing such behavior may obtain confidential support from the PEACC Program (852-2663), Counseling Center (852-6585), and Campus Health Services (852-6479). To report sexual misconduct or sex discrimination, contact the Dean of Students (852-5787) or University of Louisville Police (852-6111). Disclosure to University faculty or instructors of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, or sex discrimination occurring on campus, in a University- sponsored program, or involving a campus visitor or University student or employee (whether current or former) is not confidential under Title IX. Faculty and instructors must forward such reports, including names and circumstances, to the University’s Title IX officer. For more information, see the Sexual Misconduct Resource Guide. 7


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