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dummy notes

by: Mega Okoloko

dummy notes BIOL 300

Mega Okoloko

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About this Document

week 1 notes
Intro to Neuroscience
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mega Okoloko on Wednesday August 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 300 at University of Washington taught by Moody in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Intro to Neuroscience in Biology at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 08/17/16
PORTFOLIO 9: ASSESING YOUR DRINKING 1) I am not a frequent consumer of alcohol. I generally have on average about 3 drinks a month and I have had only one drink this month and that was last week Friday. This makes me a low risk drinker. 2) I was at a party last week Friday at a house and I was offered a drink by a pretty girl and I couldn’t help but accept. I think moving to college has made it a bit difficult coping with urges to drink. I am constantly around people far older than me who engage in frequent drinking so there is always a steady access to alcohol and sometimes due to peer pressure I want to just binge drink with everyone else but because of my cultural background I abstain as much as possible from drinking with the rest of them. 3) I believe that I need to cut down my alcohol consumption to a complete zero drinks per week. The primary reason is that I am still a minor and alcohol consumption is illegal for individuals under 18 years in the United States. The second reason is that I read in an article that alcohol consumption has negative effects on the development of the forebrain of individuals under the age of 25 years. I believe the greatest barrier to achieving this goal is going to be my immediate peers. Since most of the people I associate with are already in the drinking age and culture, it is pretty difficult to be the only person not drinking amongst the group; I tend to feel left out. I intend to overcome this barrier by changing the people I spend my free time with. Starting next quarter, I will sign up for 18 credits and sign up for an intramural soccer team which will have training three times during the week and early in the morning on weekends. This will ensure that I do not stay up late on Friday nights drinking and will ensure that all the spare time I have will be used for only studies and soccer. 4) One of the policies set up on campus is that minors aren’t allowed to drink or possess alcohol anywhere on campus. Possession of in any of the resident halls is not allowed if under the age of 21. I believe that these policies are not effective because students still find ways to smuggle alcohol and hide them in their rooms which RA’S are not allowed to go into


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