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Health Issues in Africa

by: Amaris Mae

Health Issues in Africa IAFF 2093

Amaris Mae
GPA 3.75
Africa: Problems and Promise

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About this Document

Notes from 3/17/2015 on Health Issues in Africa
Africa: Problems and Promise
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amaris Mae on Tuesday March 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IAFF 2093 at George Washington University taught by Shinn in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 151 views. For similar materials see Africa: Problems and Promise in International Affairs at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 03/24/15
Health Issues in Africa Chronic Disease Heart disease Cancer Account for less than 14 of all deaths due to illness in Africa Far lower percent than in the developed world Cancer in particularly is becoming a greater threat in the power countries Largely because of the high cost of treatment They don39t have facilities for patients Tiny compared to HIVAIDS Tuberculosis and malaria are also more rampant issue compared to cancer The amount of assistance going to cancer and heart disease barely registers Not prepared to deal with the various types of cancer In terms of heart problems diabetes is the greatest issue Diabetes is a growing issue Less exercise Change in diet more western Malaria More serious than HIVAIDS Malaria affects more people But people survive Except for young children and the elderly Vast majority of malaria deaths occur in subSaharan Africa 8590 of all death due to malaria occur in just 7 African countries 90 of all malaria deaths are in subSaharan Africa 300 million cases of malaria Nigeria alone accounts for 25 of the world39s cases of Malaria Strains very across the continent Higher death rate in East Africa 3 reasons why malaria is a problem 1 Most severe and life threatening form is common in subSaharan Africa 2 Most deadly kind of mosquito is found in Africa 3 Lack of health infrastructure a Although some have an antimalaria campaign Resistance to standard anti malaria drugs have become common Forcing them to use more expensive versions of drugs Artamesicine made from a Chinese herb is the most recent drug But also losing its potency But has to be used with another drug as well quotMalaria is the Darwinism of the parasite worldquot Insecticide treated bed nets Are effective Can reduce malaria transmission by up to 90 Relatively cheap Success depends on how widespread the nets are DDT US banned Harmful in large quantity Many African government are calling for it Is an effective killer of the mosquito Cheap Some mosquitos have developed resistance Neither the ultimate pesticide nor the ultimate poison Rachel Carson the Silent Spring Highlighted the problems of DDT But the WHO has endorse the wide use of DDT For indoor spraying only Cholera Sporadic outbreaks Doesn t kill many Makes the news cycle 2011 Chad basin area 1000 people died Main causes of cholera is poor sanitation Measles Vaccines are necessary Cannot be administered under the age of 1 So if older children are not given the vaccine they can get measles to babies who will die Measles can crop up Malawi Burkina Faso Happens when a group of people miss the vaccination campaign Vaccine cost lt1 to protect each child International donors are more than happy to pay the cost African countries cannot also provide it Best program can provide vaccines for measles and poio Bedside nets Warming medicine Leprosy Being eliminated from Africa New cases are still identi ed in Africa But on the decline Disease of poverty Easily cured by a combination of drugs Not contagious at all Poio Was eliminated from most African countries Spread out of Nigeria Affected 9 more states Because of poor vaccination Sugar pi But many refuse the pill And other medication because of fear of western in uence Children born in very recent years have not yet received the medication And are subject to coming down to poio Need follow up campaigns nation wide Rotary international works on eradicating polio Con ict becomes a major issue in aiding with poio Guinea Worm Water eas People drink water contaminated by the eas Digestive track kills the eas But not the larvae After about a year the worm emerges from the carrier Causes disabling pain As long as a 3 foot long spaghetti noodle Have to carefully draw it out of you With access to safe drinking water the worm disappeared Carter began a wide eradication campaign 1986 4 million cases By 2009 only 3500 cases Ethiopia Mali and Ghana have guinea worm Filtered with a cotton cloth Keep infected persons out of water sources Gates foundation has contributed 40 dollars to end guinea worm Tuberculosis is a major issue Compounded by con ict Refugee movements Poverty Etc Meningitis Senegal through the central part of Africa Covers 25 different countries Group A meningitis 810 cases in Africa Costs less than 50 cents a dose Campaigns are underway in a few countries Should be possible to climate Yellow Fever By mosquitos Large problems As long as there is a large population that is not immune to yellow fever the potential exists Needs rapid vaccination River Blindness DebH aUng Has been controlled Water ayed that likes rushing water Carried by the snail Parasite in the intestinal track One shot deal now Female Circumcision Spread from Nile valley Through migration routes Went everywhere Except southerncentral Africa Most impacted area today Somalia Egypt Mali Sudan and Ethiopia Not speci ed by religion Customary more than anything else Various medical procedures Health risks in all of them Most severe form is common in northeastern Africa Not a taboo subject everyone must undergo it Thought to purify and protect the next generation Also binds youth to the same age set Education campaigns have had limited success


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