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Fundamentals of Kinesiology Notes: Week 1

by: Madison Notetaker

Fundamentals of Kinesiology Notes: Week 1 EP 2013

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Kinesiology > EP 2013 > Fundamentals of Kinesiology Notes Week 1
Madison Notetaker

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About this Document

These are notes from the first day on class.
Fundamentals of Kinesiology
Brandon Miller
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madison Notetaker on Thursday August 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EP 2013 at Mississippi State University taught by Brandon Miller in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Kinesiology in Kinesiology at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 08/18/16
Madison Martin Fundamentals of Kinesiology Notes Chapter 1A- What is Kinesiology? 08/16/2016  Kinesiology o Theoretical- study of motion, an academic discipline with physical activity as its intellectual focus addressing its impact on heath, human, performance, society, and quality of life  Physical Activity: includes activates of daily living, work, sport, dance, and play, etc.  Does definition of Kinesiology make sense?  People fall in love with specific things  What is motion?  Newtonian view o Atoms in space, forces, linear, geometric, materialistic  Aristotelean View o Four types of motion  Change of quality- ex. Practice shooting free throws your form will get better  Change of quantity- ex. Aging/decay  Change of being- ex. Nutrition, “you are what you eat”  Change of place- ex. Locomotion o Newton only takes one of these into account.  Physics is at the heart of motion. o No just mere physics. o Practical  Exercise Science, Physical Education, Sport Management, Athletic Training, Dance (controversial), Coaching (can be under physical education, some coaches don’t teach)…  Focus of physical activity  Focus of health  Focus on science- over emphasize science, only part of kinesiology  Focus on play- love activity because it is considered play  Practical Issue: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System  Four modifiable health risk factors o Lack of physical activity o Poor nutrition  Health has Foundational Importance  Why Then Might Health be Insufficient? o Foundations only have value if something is built upon them.  Want to have love, kids, etc… o There are greater goods than health  Ex. Mother helps child when sick  Ex. In sports people risk their health to be great- Willing to sacrifice o Historical  1960s brought change  “Too much P.E.”- for dummies, people in P.E. starting thinking about physiology, sociology, etc.  James Bryant Conant- said to cancel graduate in P.E. o Response: Franklin Henry said getting crap because there isn’t enough theory in P.E.  The Standard View  Conant’s criticism prodded a reluctant discipline into academic respectability and diversity.  Alternative View  Conant’s criticism amounted to only a dew paragraphs out if two hundred pages in his book.  Doubt regarding our self worth; lack of sound philosophical foundation. Reacted because we believed it.  Conant did not focus on P.E.  Conant was not merely negative: o Connat called teaching P.E. and coaching tow important functions  Our own insecurity is the most important thing to understand o Connant’s work is not seminal to kinesiology but rather fits into a broader history; a history if contention and debate o Bottom Line  Who are we?  Kinesiologists disagree  What are we about?  Kinesiologists disagree  Why do we belong together?  Kinesiologists disagree  What should we value and why?  Kinesiologists disagree  As a budding kinesiologist you need to think about these issues… because how you answer these questions makes a difference. You will shape the future of the field o Example of Disagreement:  Kinesiology: The main challenge of motor control  Physical Activity: Intentional, voluntary movement directed toward achieving an identifiable goal o Response: My definition  Human discipline, born of, and reliant upon the embodied curious, political, and rational nature of human beings. Neither a pure science nor solely a member of humanities encompasses both.  Discipline o The disciplines progress through research to build knowledge, inform practice and develop theory. o The professions use knowledge and theory to inform and build practice o A better model might emphasize the cyclical nature of this dynamic more clearly  Practice informs/confirms theory  Research tests/reforms practice o What is a discipline  A knowledge or wisdom associated with one academic field of study.  Branches of science are commonly referred to as scientific disciplines.  Kinesiology is Transdisciplinary in the Study of Movement o Major Branches of Kinesiology are Crossdisciplinary  Crossdisciplinary: knowledge that explains aspecrs of one discipline on terms of another  Divisions at MSU: exercise science, sports studies o Multidisciplinary  Draws from multiple disciplines to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions based on new understanding of complex situations  Like a puzzle o Look at figure 1.2- Looking beyond a single discipline o Bottom Line?  A healthy kinesiology department and a good kinesiologist will transcend disciplinary lines  Ex. How do we help special needs kids to ride a bike?


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