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Chapter 9: Moving Into the Adult Social World

by: Siân L'Roy

Chapter 9: Moving Into the Adult Social World Psych 2314

Marketplace > Tarrant County College District > Psychology (PSYC) > Psych 2314 > Chapter 9 Moving Into the Adult Social World
Siân L'Roy


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About this Document

This chapter explains how an adolescent thinks about themselves and about others. It also mentions the relationship between teenagers and their parents. It also talks about sexual orientation and t...
Developmental Psychology
Dr. Vince Limbo
Class Notes
developmental psychology
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Siân L'Roy on Thursday August 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 2314 at Tarrant County College District taught by Dr. Vince Limbo in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Developmental Psychology in Psychology (PSYC) at Tarrant County College District.


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Date Created: 08/18/16
Chapter IX: Moving into the Adult Social World Marcia’s Identity Statues (table 9.1)  Diffusion­ The individual is overwhelmed by the task of achieving an identity and does  little to accomplish the task  Foreclosure­ The individual has a status determined by adults rather than by personal  exploration  Moratorium­ The individual is examining different alternatives but has yet to find one  that’s satisfactory  Achievement­ The individual has explored alternatives and has deliberately chosen a  specific identity Achieved in all areas simultaneously?  Religion  Occupation Adolescent Thinking (table 9.2)  Adolescent egocentrism­ Adolescents are overly concerned with their own thoughts and  feelings  Imaginary audience­ Adolescents believe that others are watching them constantly  Personal Fable­ Adolescents believe that their experiences and feelings are unique  Illusion of invulnerability­ Adolescents think that misfortune happens only to others Self­esteem   Nurturing families  Discipline  Extracurricular school activities  Grades affect self­esteem in specific discipline o Not overall Storm and Stress  Myth  Teenagers report positive feelings about their parents o Supported by cross­cultural studies Chapter IX: Moving into the Adult Social World  Relationship with teenager changes o Greater autonomy o Less time and affectionate with parents Sexual Behavior  2/3 of American adolescents have sexual intercourse at least once by the end of high  school  More boys than girls  African Americans earlier in age  Rural and inner cities are more likely than in suburbs Sex: Different meanings for boys and girls  Boys o Recreational o Self­oriented  Girls o Romance o Capacity to form intimate interpersonal relationships Sexual Orientation  15% of adolescent boys and girls report emotional and sexual attraction to a member of  their own sex  5% of teenagers identify themselves as homosexual  Wait 3 to 5 years to express orientation publicly  Biology/ heredity  Hormones and genes o Don’t produce sexual orientation per sex o But lead to temperaments that affect children’s preferences for same­and­other  sex activities o Children that don’t enjoy gender­typical activities see themselves as different;  therefore, acquire a different gender identity Date Rape  Acquaintance rape Chapter IX: Moving into the Adult Social World  Risk factors o Drug and alcohol use (both genders) o Boy’s abused or witnessed domestic violence o Having friends who had perpetrated dating violence


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