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Chapter 15: Social Aspects of Later Life

by: Siân L'Roy

Chapter 15: Social Aspects of Later Life Psych 2314

Marketplace > Tarrant County College District > Psychology (PSYC) > Psych 2314 > Chapter 15 Social Aspects of Later Life
Siân L'Roy


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About this Document

This chapter goes over how an older adult looks at events of their life spiritual support, retirement, marital satisfaction, and what the difference in nursing home/assisted living.
Developmental Psychology
Dr. Vince Limbo
Class Notes
developmental psychology
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Siân L'Roy on Friday August 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 2314 at Tarrant County College District taught by Dr. Vince Limbo in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Developmental Psychology in Psychology (PSYC) at Tarrant County College District.

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Date Created: 08/19/16
Chapter XV: Social Aspects of Later Life Integrity vs. Despair­ Erikson  People try to make sense of their lives  Life Review o Reflect and evaluate events in their past  Research: Assisting older homebound in remembering and reviewing their lives. They  have shown significant improvement in life satisfaction Subjective Well­Being  Self­evaluation based on positive life experiences  Measured by: o Life o Satisfaction o Happiness o Self­esteem  Risk Factors: o Chronic illnesses o Marital status o Social network  o Stress Religion  Spiritual Support o Seeking pastoral care, participation, in organized and unorganized religious  activities and faith in God as a key factor in understanding how older adults cope o Supported by cross­cultural research  “Turning a problem over to God”­ (Krause)  Three Step Process o Differentiating between things that can and cannot be changed o Focusing on the parts that can be changed o Emotionally disconnecting from parts that cannot be changed and believe that  God provides the best outcome Retirement  Complete loss of occupational identity  Crisp Retirement­ Clean break o Less than 50% fit this pattern Chapter XV: Social Aspects of Later Life  Bridge Job o Job between career job and final retirement  Blurred Retirement o Part­time work to maintain economic status  Gender Differences o Women more likely to retire when:  Husband is poor health or had more dependents  Opposite is true for men  Similarities o Retired spouses increase the likelihood the other spouse’s retirement Martial Satisfaction  Improves once children leave home o Reasons:  Renewed marital commitment?  Unhappy couples broken up? o Gay and Lesbian Partnerships  Very similar to heterosexual relationships Frail Older Adults  Needing Assistance o Less than 5% ages 65 to 74 o 20% over 85  Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) o Eating o Bathing o Toileting o Walking o Dressing  Instrumental Activities of Daily Life (IADLs) o Requires some intellectual competence  Paying bills  Taking medications Housing Options  Nursing Homes o 5% on any given day o 50% over the age of 85 o 24­hour care requiring fairly constant medical and nursing care  Assisted Living Facilities Chapter XV: Social Aspects of Later Life o Provide supported living arrangements o Help with ADLs and IADLs o Little physical or cognitive improvement


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