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Road to Revolution notes

by: Sydney Wilson

Road to Revolution notes Hist 2110

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Hist 2110 > Road to Revolution notes
Sydney Wilson

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About this Document

These notes will cover what is on the exam.
Survey of United States History
Dr. Conner
Class Notes
History2110, conner, us, history, class, notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sydney Wilson on Friday August 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 2110 at Georgia State University taught by Dr. Conner in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 08/19/16
Road to Revolution 1. What are the effects of the French and Indian War? 2. What are British taxation policies and how/why do colonist respond?  Conflict –Cold War  French & British both wanted Ohio 91754) o “First world war”  Guerilla Warfare, British have to adjust   British win expensive war   Consequences: o *Territory  French gave up all N. American territory (Canada,  Parts of Miss Valley)   Native Am. Becomes the threat   Violence between English and Indian  settlers  Proclamation of 1763 o Prohibited white settlement West of App, Mnts  Colonist’s contributions toward not acknowledged   Feel being treated a second class citizens  Psychological issues o Washington wasn’t able to become a soldier because came from Virginia, not  England  Slap in the face, looked @ 2  class; inferior  General Braddock’s defeat 1775  o America realized British soldiers aren’t invisible, not as intimated   Biggest consequence of French & Indian war was DEBT –affects everyone without  consent o Tax colonist to pay off war debts:  Stamp Act 1765  Tax on paper  Colonist mad because taxation w/o   Direct tax to raise money  Virginia Resolves  Colonist are full British citizens (not inferior to NE citizens)  Only colonial legislatives can tax colonists –NOT parliament (bold by Pat Henry) o Treason o Says parliament & king have no power o Sons of Liberty   Protest stamp act (repeal stamp act b/c nightmare)  1767 Townshend Duties   taxes on specific imports   non consumption (boycotts) o women & their ideal start to take on symbolic & patriotic  meaning o 1768 Brit gov’t sent troops to Garrison, Boston  The Boston Massacre  5 dead colonist   propaganda builds support for patriot cause, cause people to  choose sides.  Hewes – becomes a patriot knows someone killed o Serves in patriotic militia  After Tea party o Coercive/intolerable Acts  Intended to isolate punish Massa. For rebels  Closes Boston Harbor  Shuts down Massa gov’t (takes away right to rule selves)  1  Continental congress respond to act  Lexington of Concord o Mass. Militia Vs. British soldiers o Declaration of Independence   Consent of the gov’t  King George has become a tyrant  Obligation to overthrow gov’t  Does not create new gov’t


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