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Week 1 Notes

by: merlec16

Week 1 Notes HES 101

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About this Document

Cover the main topics about physical activity and assessments of fitness,
Exercise for Health
Sharon K. Woodard
Class Notes
health, Fitness, Physical, exercise science




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by merlec16 on Saturday August 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HES 101 at Wake Forest University taught by Sharon K. Woodard in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views.


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Date Created: 08/20/16
HES 101 Week 1 Notes  Physical activity- any movement of the body that involved effort and requires energy above resting levels  Exercise- physical activity that is planned, structures, repetitive, and performed for the purpose of improving of maintaining physical fitness  Physical activity pyramid o Occasional- watching TV o At least 2 days a week- work on your muscle fitness and flexibility o At least 3 days a week-  For significant health benefits o 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week o Muscle-strengthening activities at least 2 days per week  5 Health-related Components of Fitness o Cardio Respiratory Fitness o Muscular strength o Muscular endurance o Flexibility o Body composition  How do we Measure Fitness? o Educate individual about their current level of fitness o Collect baseline and follow-up data to evaluate exercise program o Monitor individuals progress toward fitness goal o Motivate individual to continue working hard to work harder to achieve goal  Assessing Cardiorespiratory Fitness o Gas analysis during maximal exercise provides a VO2 MAX level which determines one’s level of cardiorespiratory fitness o VO2 MAX estimate 1.5 mile run  Assessing Muscular Strength o 1RM testing  Assessing Muscular Endurance o Push-ups to fatigue (females on knees) o 1 minute curl-ups  Assessing flexibility o Sit and reach o Reach test  Measuring Body composition o Recommendations for Body Fat percentage  Females 20-25%  Males 13-17% o Body Comp Assessments DXA = Gold Standard  Body Comp Assessments (BMI) o Waist circumference o Females < 35 inches o Males < 40 inches o Skin Folds o Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) BRING ASSESSMENTS LAB FORM to Sutton Center


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