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History Week 11

by: Katie Truppo

History Week 11 History 241

Katie Truppo
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Unit 6
Western civilization
Robert Bast
Class Notes
World History
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie Truppo on Saturday August 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 241 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Robert Bast in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Western civilization in History at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.


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Date Created: 08/20/16
World History 241 10.27.2015 Unit 6 Lecture 1 I. Separating Myth from Fact A. The Decline of the West 476: Roman empire was destroyed (myth) Facts: Western empire was in trouble/failing state, Eastern develops identity of Byzantine Empire B. The Slow Ascendancy of Germanic Peoples Germanic people inhabited lands north east of empire for years and interacted for years (traded, co-operated) Germanic culture: Pre-literate and semi nomadic Organized around kinship groups (immediate family, extended family, klans, tribes) but independence Did not have abstract idea of The State like Rome Honor is from merit in war Comitatus: males from tribes would join behind individual who led war for gain Allegiance only if individual earns it and continues to earn it Germans before Romans were pagan Constructed villages out of wood Raise stocks and lightly farm until resources were gone and moved on II. Migration, not Invasion: 376-476 CE Visigoths (378) Did not want to invade, wanted to have an agreement with Rome like other non Romans Wanted assimilation into Roman system, become allies/ fighters Fought Romans over famine Western Goths: Settled in Gal and Espania claiming kingdom Vandals (455) Sacked Rome in 455 (sack: troops grab whatever they can) Moved onto territory to make own kingdom Ostrogoths (476) Romulus Augustulus is sent away, Odoacer becomes King of Italy Odoacer names Xeno sole Byzantine emperor, called “Rex” Odaacer joins conspiracy in attempt to dispose Xeno, caused 5 year war Xeno decalred Odoacer a rebel, stripped him of title/power Xeno names Theodoric as new king, Theodoric spares Odoacer’s life after surrender Had banquet for friends, after dinner Theodoric murdered Odoacer and becomes king Theodoric Named himself king of Ostrogoth Kingdom of Italy but persevered Roman life, created hybrid civilization Germanic beliefs with Roman citizens Roman Senate continued to exist with Roman Senators Many allies Others Franks Lombards World History 241 10.29.2015 Unit 6 Lecture 2 I. The “New Rome”: Reasons for its Success A. Geography Very defendable Fortress city Controlled the East/West B. Trade Constantinople because trading central Spices from India were very popular Luxury products from Africa/India Able to tax and tariff all products C. Industry Silk was highly sought after Monopoly on silk by Chinese West discovered secret, manufactured by 550 Rumor was it was found out by monks who stole worms and seeds from China Goldware, silverware, and perfume were manufactured D. Currency Bezant: sought after gold coin Weight and value was stable for almost 1000 years II. The Political System: Absolute Monarchy and Bureaucratic Efficiency 10% tax on trade revenues East: emperor is an executive Heads of the church Caeseropapism: emperor is legal head of church III. Justinian I (527-564 CE) and Theodora A. Bad Press: Procopius and the “Secret History” Most historical information about Justinian and Theodora is possibly false Procopious Disgruntled staff member Created secret history about Justinian and Theodora Called Justinian a moron and devious Called Theodora a prostitute B. Legacy: Success and Failure Reform of law system Christianization of city Made many churches 532 CE: Military Campaigns to re-establish Rome by reclaiming West Series of wars and won territories back But conquests didn’t last more than 70 years Cost a lot of wealth to attain IV. The Rise of Islam A. The Culture of the Arabian Peninsula Ideas moved along trade route (religion) Cities served as shrines of signifigance Holy men took residence Mecca Pilgrams raised status of city and people who lived their B. The Prophet and His Message Muhammed Received messages from one God, Allah Ethical monotheism Saw himself as prophet Collected teachings to write the Kharan, created Islam 5 Pillars of Islam 1. Ethical Monotheism/Paganism is forbidden 2. Ritual prayer 5 times a day with washing 3. Month of fasting (Ramadan) 4. Pilgrimage of Mecca 5. Charity to the poor C. The Arab Conquests Muhammed and followers believed that God called on them to fight unrighteousness 125 years to capture Arabian peninsula Arab migrant overflow to Egypt, North Africa, and Spain Jews and Christians were safe if acknowledged dominance of Islam and didn’t try to convert Muslims D. The Legacy to the West Muslims were fascinated by Greco-Roman tradition Preserved culture through books and writings Advances in medicine Developed Algebra and Arabic Numerals


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