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by: Taylor Howard


Taylor Howard
Baylor University

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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Howard on Sunday August 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to at Baylor University taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 08/21/16
Life Group Leader Packet 2016-2017 Contact Info Nate Hilgenkamp - College Director 952-217-6588 Mission Statement “The College Ministry exists to develop students that are actively involved within the local church.” Fall 2016 Calendar September 7: Life Group Kickoff (7-8 at Common Grounds) September 18: Family Weekend Brunch September 30-October 1: Freshman Retreat October 11: Advance (7-8 at the Palladium) November 9: College Night of Worship December 4: Lessons & Carols December 6-7: Study Days 2016-2017 Worship Schedule Sunwest & Downtown: 9:30 & 11:00 Harris Creek Discipleship Philosophy  Community o Life Group o Contact outside of Life Group o Freshman/Spring Retreat o Family Weekend Brunch o Study Days  Equipping o Life Group Leader Training o Advance o Life Group o Called Out o One on one meetings with Nate or Jon  Worship o College Night of Worship o Advance o Sunday Services o Freshman/Spring Retreat o Lessons & Carols  Mission o Bell’s Hill Book Club o My Brother’s Keeper o Compassion International o Our Turn o Chili Cook-Off Life Group Leader Expectations  Be pursuing Jesus.  Go to church (@ Harris Creek)!  Be a leader during Sunday services. There is no such thing as an audience during church! Be engaged in worship and actively take notes during the sermon. Sit up front and in the middle. If you say this then you have to start sitting in the front middle too. You influence the environment of the service!  Participate in corporate events (Imagine Banquet, Chili Cook-Off, Lessons & Carols)  Participate in College Ministry events (Advance, Freshman/Spring Retreat, College Night of Worship, etc.) If this is required as it has been in years past, maybe use “Attend all College Ministry events” instead.  Schedule and attend weekly Life Group gatherings  Pray for your Life Group members by name  Be involved in your group member’s lives outside of the weekly group meeting. Grab sonic. Send a text. Go watch their intramural games.  Communicate with Nate. I want to know how you are doing! If there is a situation in Life Group that needs attention, be sure to let me know.  Whenever we send you info for a potential new member, contact them within 24 hours.  Read your e-mails! Bonus Points  Become a member  Get Baptized Frequently Asked Questions What should Life Group look like? You don’t have to get into discussion about the sermon right away. Feel free to talk about each other’s lives (Maybe even have a snack for your group). Get to know how your group is doing! Then ask someone to summarize the sermon and get into the questions. You can follow the flow of the questions on group link or ask your own. To finish Life Group always ask for prayer requests, and then pray for them! This is typically the time when important information comes out. **be verbal with group about time limit; if the majority only has the single hour, then respect their time, but if your group is willing to meet for longer, take advantage of that.** What if my group is inconsistent? “It’s not personal, but keep it personal.” Don’t take this as a knock on your leadership! In many cases, this isn’t your fault. Generating a consistent group can be one of the hardest parts of leading a college Life Group. But don’t give up! Keep e-mailing your group, and contact individual members who haven’t been to Life Group in a few weeks. **if you say a few weeks, people might honestly forget eventually that there is someone missing from their group; maybe have people text individuals as they miss weeks (like the week they miss) with just an encouraging “hey we missed you this week, let me know if you need anything or if I can be praying for you this upcoming week”. Make sure that know that they are missed! Let Nate know if someone has a time conflict or doesn’t seem to be connecting, and he’ll offer to find them a new group. What if Life Group isn’t going how I expected? Community takes time. Immediate results aren’t guaranteed. Almost every Life Group has to endure through an awkward stage. Don’t feel pressured to take over the discussion. You’re the facilitator, not the lecturer. Practice the 80/20 rule (group talks 80%, leader talks 20%). If there is too much silence, add another icebreaker question to the beginning so that the group feels comfortable talking. Don’t be afraid to call on someone individually if open-ended questions aren’t gaining traction. **preferably someone who tends to talk though, as not to stir up anxiety in the group out of fear of being called out…* If your group is off track too much, try to guide your way back into the sermon. However, don’t cut off a good conversation just to “stay on topic”. The questions are helpful, but the Holy Spirit is a much better guide towards meaningful conversation and life change. Pray that you would be attentive to His voice! Somebody in our group dropped a bombshell about ___________, what should we do about it? In the moment, be as sensitive and respectful as you can. If the individual seems comfortable sharing, you can ask a reflective question: “Could you say more about _______? How do you feel?” It is better to keep them talking with authenticity than to shut them down altogether, but in some situations it may be more helpful to talk with them individually after Life Group. Please let us know about what’s going on while maintaining confidentiality if necessary so we can best help that person. It is not your job to be their counselor/pastor! Our staff is always available to help, and if necessary, we can gladly refer them to a network of additional support. Our schedules are so busy. Should we stop meeting? No. “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing” Hebrews 10:24-25 We understand that in certain seasons, your schedules are amaSINGly busy. ya nub. This doesn’t mean that we should give up on biblical community! It’s okay to adjust your schedules during finals/sing, (and, yes, it’s even alright if you miss a week, though try your best to at least grab coffee with some or all of your peeps that week). The problem is when one week missed week becomes two, and so on. Feel free to change your meeting time temporarily. Some groups have found that lunch right after church on Sunday is the most effective during busy seasons. Some groups even choose to meet in the early morning before classes begin, so try not to say that there is no good time . My group members are looking for ways to serve, what should I tell them? If they are looking for ways to serve within Harris Creek, guide people to the Ministry Application on our website, and out staff will connect them with volunteer roles. If you want to serve somewhere in Waco, contact our Missions Director, Bethany Stephens, at Or search hundreds of service opportunities via For the City, on our website. SERVE AS A LIFEGROUP – Find something your group is passionate about from our list of ministry options and make it a goal to serve in that way even once or twice a semester. What is expected of me conduct-wise? As a Christian, you are to live above reproach along the path of righteousness. But as a leader, you are held to an even higher standard. James 3:1 says, “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” You are a leader in the church, our risen Savior’s chosen instrument to reach the world. It’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The position you are in means people will look to you and your decision-making, expecting you to lead by example. At all times, in all places, and in every situation, you’re representing Jesus and his Church. With that in mind, we’re not going to make a list of dos and don’ts. You’re all adults and this is part of the process of growing in your faith and growing into adulthood. There is not always a clear-cut answer in every situation. A good filter question is, “Is this Kingdom-building, or Kingdom- distracting?” If there is any doubt, the wise choice is to avoid it. Don’t put yourself in situations that will compromise your reputation or your witness. If you do, we’ll need to have a conversation about it. Are we thankful for you? Yes. 2016-2017 Goals for your Life Group 1) 2) 2016-2017 Goals for yourself 1) 2)


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