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Medical Terminology Syllabus

by: Lauren Patterson

Medical Terminology Syllabus AHC 115

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Lauren Patterson

GPA 3.5
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About this Document

Syllabus for this class
Medical Terminology
Abby Cooper
Class Notes




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Patterson on Monday August 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AHC 115 at Volunteer State Community College taught by Abby Cooper in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views.


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Date Created: 08/22/16
Volunteer State Community College Medical Terminology; AHC 115: Three (3) Credits Fall, 2016- Online Course C OURSE D ESCRIPTION A study of the language of the health sciences and medicine with emphasis placed on prefixes, suffixes, root terms, pronunciation and spelling. PREREQUISITE Acceptable placement score or completion of all Reading Learning Support Competencies INSTRUCTOR C ONTACT INFORMATION Abby Cooper Email through using Classlist R EQUIRED M ATERIALS The Language of Medicine, 10th Edition Davi-Ellen Chabner Online Access for the Language of Medicine byedition. This code booklet must be purchased from VSCC bookstore for compatibility with online module material. C OMPUTER REQUIREMENTS This is a completely online course, and students are not required to come to campus for any meetings. It does require internet access using a computer with one of the following:  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10  Mac OSX Do not use Internet Explorer to access this course. Use Firefox or Google Chrome, and do not access through the VSCC Portal. The course is best accessed through C OURSE O BJECTIVES Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: Page 1 of 5 1. Analyze words structurally. 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the word elements with basic anatomy, physiology, and disease processes of the body. 3. Demonstrate use of correct spelling. G RADES G RADING SYSTEM Your final grade will be calculated based on the total number of points scored from the quizzes, discussion posts, and online module questions.  Quiz 1- 75 points  Quiz 2- 50 points  Quiz 3- 75 points  Quiz 4- 75 points  Quiz 5- 50 points  Quiz 6- 25 points  Discussions- 10 points  Online Module Questions- 90 points The total possible number of points i. 450 G RADING S CALE A 419-450 points (100 – 93%) B 378-418 points (92 – 84%) C 337-377 points (83 – 75%) D 315-336 points (374 – 70%) F <315 points (below 70%) G RADES OF INCOMPLETE The “I” (Incomplete) indicates that the student has not completed the requirements for the course during the semester for extenuating and unavoidable circumstances. The mark of “I” will not be given unless the instructor is reasonably certain that it is possible for the student to complete the requirements for the course during the subsequent semester and receive a passing grade. All work must be completed (or an extension of the “I” requested) by one week before the first day of final exams for the next semester or the “I” will be converted to an F. Incomplete grades can be granted only for extenuating circumstances. Procrastination is not an extenuating circumstance. Q UIZZES QUIZ DEADLINES th  Quiz 1- Chapters 1-6 September 10  Quiz 2- Chapters 7-10 October 1st Page 2 of 5  Quiz 3- Chapters 11-15 October 22d th  Quiz 4- Chapters 16-20 November 12  Quiz 5- Case Study Quiz December 3rd  Quiz 6- Homework/Research December 3rd Quizzes will cover the definitions, combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes from the list of terms on the course word list found in Getting Started under the Content tab. Quizzes 1-5 are set with a time limit. After clicking on the “Quiz link, you will be shown information about how much time you are allowed for the quiz. Do not click “Begin Quiz” until you have read the instructions. Quizzes 1-5 are to be taken without the use of books or notes. Quiz 6 contains 5 scenarios and a series of questions on each. Students will use the textbook and additional outside resources to answer all questions. Quiz 6 may be completed at any time throughout the semester and there is no time limit. Students should print off the Homework/Research quiz (Quiz 6) from the “Getting Started” module in the Content area of eLearn and answer all questions. You will then log into Quiz 6 to record your answers there. You are required to complete all quizzes using a Lockdown Browser feature. If you are testing on a personal computer, you will be prompted to download the Lockdown Browser software when you attempt Quiz 1. Follow the simple steps and then double click on the icon that has been placed on your desktop. Make sure that no other browser is open on your computer before using the Lockdown Browser to take quizzes. If you are attempting to test through a work-place or public library computer, please contact your instructor before doing so. There is also a Practice Quiz that you may take before attempting Quiz 1. D ISCUSSIONS Students are required to respond to the instructor’s posted discussion topic by reading all other student discussion postings and posting their own response. Postings should utilize complete sentences and correct grammar. Students should not use computer slang or abbreviations. Topics will be posted five times during the semester on the course homepage and on the Discussion Board. Deadlines for posting will be clearly stated and late submissions will not be considered. Each discussion posting must be at least three sentences in length and is worth a possible two points. O NLINE M ODULE Q UESTIONS Students are required to review the online content modules for each chapter beginning with Chapter 5. Module homework questions are located in the Getting Started section under Content. Questions should be printed off and answered during each module review. After completion, click on Quizzes and record your Page 3 of 5 answers there for each set of module questions. For optimal viewing of online modules, use Chrome or Firefox as the browser. Also be sure to activate plug-ins to view animations. W ITHDRAWAL D ATE The last day to withdraw from this course and receive a “W” is October 28 . C OURSE P OLICIES ACADEMIC HONESTY Academic honesty is an essential part of learning. The College's definitions and procedures related to academic integrity, plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty or misconduct, are in full force in this course and are incorporated into this syllabus by reference to the Student Handbook (found on the College Webpage) under "Academic and Classroom Misconduct". COMMUNICATION Students are responsible for checking course email and news items several times a week for communication from the instructor. Full sentences with proper punctuation should be used for all communication, and emails should include a descriptive subject line. Instructor will typically respond to the student’s communication within 24 hours. FINANCIAL AID Any student receiving financial aid and who has not contacted the instructor through the discussion board posting by will be reported as a non- participant. Your eligibility for financial aid may be affected. C OLLEGE P OLICY S TATEMENTS ADA S TATEMENT It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify with the Office of Disability Services to receive accommodations and services in accordance with Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act and The Americans with Disabilities Act/Amendments Act (ADA/AA). Only those students with appropriate documentation and who are registered with the Office of Disability Services will receive accommodations. For further information, contact the Office of Disability Services at (615) 230-3472, online by visiting the Disability Services website (, or visit the office which is located in Room 108, Wood Campus Center. Page 4 of 5 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY S TATEMENT Volunteer State Community College, a Tennessee Board of Regents Institution, is an equal opportunity institution and ensures equal opportunity for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, age, sexual orientation, or status as a qualified veteran with a disability or veteran of the Vietnam era. A FFIRMATIVE ACTION E DUCATIONAL INSTITUTION No person shall be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefit of or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity of the College because of race, color, national origin, age or handicap. Page 5 of 5 Medical Terminology Due Dates Outline SEPT. 2 ­­ Discussion. 1 SEPT. 10 ­­ Quiz 1(Chapters 1­6)  Module Questions (Chapter 5) Discussion 2 OCT. 1 ­­ Quiz 2 (Chapters 7­10)     Module Questions (Chapters 7­10)    Discussion 3 OCT. 22 ­­ Quiz 3 (Chapters 11­15)       Module Questions (Chapters 11­14)      Discussion 4 NOV. 12 ­­ Quiz (Chapters 16­20)      Module Questions (Chapters 15­20)      Discussion 5  DEC. 3 ­­ Quiz 5 (Case Study)            Quiz 6 (Homework/Research)  


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