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Information Gathering Week 1

by: Christina Matacotta

Information Gathering Week 1 JOUR 3090

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Journalism > JOUR 3090 > Information Gathering Week 1
Christina Matacotta
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About this Document

This was what we went over during week 1
Information Gathering
Dr. Barry Hollander
Class Notes




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christina Matacotta on Monday August 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JOUR 3090 at University of Georgia taught by Dr. Barry Hollander in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Information Gathering in Journalism at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 08/22/16
JOUR 3090 Notes Week #1  Journalism o All about discovering the best attainable version of the truth o Telling a compelling story through words, visuals, graphics, etc. about what we learn o Constrained by laws, ethical codes, routines and rituals  Elements of Journalism o 1 obligation is to the truth o 1 loyalty is to citizens  divorce other loyalty  separates journalism from PR o Essence is discipline of verification  If your mother says she loves you, check it out o Practitioners must maintain an independence from those that they cover o Independent monitor of power o Forum for public criticism and compromise  Gives customers chance to dog them  No other industry does that  Never read comments on stories  Godwin’s law o It must strive to keep the significant interesting and relevant  Fail at this very often  Translate jargon for general audience  Need to understand it to do so  Keeping news comprehensive and proportional  TV news is the worst at this  “That’s not news” o probably means nature of story makes them look bad o anything relevant, useful, interesting = news  BUT MUST BE RELEVANT TO YOUR SPECIFIC AUDIENCE  The open records act o All meeting and records are public  EXCEPT in the situations  Medical and veterinary records  Meetings that are usually open can sometimes be closed (executive session) o Sanctions  $1000 first time offense  $2500 2 ndtime offence within 12 months o Quorum  Is this body a governing body?  Funded by tax money  Called meeting  Can’t not call a meeting and then have it o If vote take then it is void o Not a meeting  Travel  Social  Training  Inspection o No participation o Have to tell you about it o Emergency meetings can be okay o Personnel exception  Executive session o Executive session (don’t take the BS)  Must vote to go  Must reflect in minutes why  During they may only discuss what they went to session for  Can’t vote  Only allowed to discuss  Always interpreted in favor of openness  Bullshit  Documents  Papers  Letters  Maps  Books  Tapes  Photos  Computer info  Data/data fields  Similar materials o Public and journalists have same rights?  Accidents reports are different  Journalists can get them public can’t if not involved directly with the accident o Immediate Access  Kirby’s Law: gives 90 days to respond to request about sports info  3 days to respond to your request  answer is usually “yes, but…”  may charge what a minimum paid person to get the date per hour  “how much are you paying them, that’s a story right there…” –good way to make them cooperate  obligated by law to tell you the price ahead of time o Electronic data  Government will try to argue it’s a proprietary format  Email and text messages involving the business are open  Requesting email is expensive o In some states they interpret the law to mean only state residents have the right to that information o Personal info exempted  Social security number  Mother’s maiden name  Credit cards  Unlisted numbers o Public employees  Home address  Telephone  Day and month of birth  Narrow request of newsworthiness o Approach with sense that you have a right to the information o Their job to tell you why it’s not public o Not obligated to say why  But you can in conversation o Everything is a negotiation


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