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Meteorology Week One Class Notes

by: Savannah Notetaker

Meteorology Week One Class Notes metr 121

Marketplace > Western Kentucky University > Science > metr 121 > Meteorology Week One Class Notes
Savannah Notetaker
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About this Document

These notes come from the second day of class when we started covering actual content. (Syllabus day not included) These notes go over the basics of the atmosphere.
Rezaul Mahmood
Class Notes
Meteorology, Atmosphere, greenhouse gases





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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Savannah Notetaker on Monday August 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to metr 121 at Western Kentucky University taught by Rezaul Mahmood in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see METEOROLOGY in Science at Western Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 08/22/16
Meteorology Day #2 8/24/16 Lecture Notes Week 1 TOOL: (online resource for checking weather, humidity, etc.) Atmosphere: delicate life giving blanket of air surrounding Earth. • No lakes or oceans can form without it • It protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation Radiant energy from the sun drives everyday weather • • 0-500km • 50% of the atmosphere is within 5.5km (3 miles) • 99% of the air is within 30km • It has no definitive end but it thins out as it gets farther away • All weather occurs within 11km The atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen (the most abundant gas) The next most abundant is Oxygen at 21% After that, the gases come in much smaller concentrations. For example, .93% is Argon while Methane is a mere .00017% Water Vapor plays an important role in temperature Water: Can be in Liquid, Solid, or Gaseous form depending on temperature Greenhouse Gas: absorbs energy from Sun and Earth and re-emits that energy back to Earth; acts as a blanket to the planet. Sunlight: 1) incoming radiation 2) solar radiation 3) outgoing radiation • Reflected Emitted • Greenhouse Gases: • H2O: Water Vapor • CO2: Carbon Dioxide • CH4: Methane (Trace Gas) • N2O: Nitrous Oxide (Trace Gas) • CFCs: Chlorflorocarbons (Trace Gas) CO2 (Carbon Dioxide, 0.38% by volume) • Origin: plant and animal respiration, decay, volcanic eruptions, & burning fossil fuels • (50% Cars) Seasonal Changes cause a natural fluctuation in the amount of greenhouse gases due to plant death, but ultimately the trend is greatly in the upward direction. Aerosols: any solid or liquid particles in the air (not water) Origins: Wind-generated dust, volcanic ash, combustion by product, sea spray. Function: reduces visibility, scatter/absorb solar energy, helps in cloud formation, pollutants. Condensation is water vapor in the atmosphere that comes in contact with the cooler temperature and condenses to liquid form on the glass. Feedback Loop: example— Arctic Environment, temperature rises, snow melts (which typically reflects light), instead reveals water (which absorbs light), resulting in warmer water, causing more snow to melt.


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