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BIOEN 316 - Signals and Sensors (Lecture 7)

by: Anastasia Nicolov

BIOEN 316 - Signals and Sensors (Lecture 7)

Marketplace > University of Washington > Bioengineering > BIOEN 316 Signals and Sensors Lecture 7
Anastasia Nicolov
GPA 3.75

Chris Neils

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About this Document

These are my lecture notes from Lecture 7 of BIOEN 316 from April 14, 2014. They cover quiz 1 tips, examples of sampling periodic functions, and aliasing.
Chris Neils
BIOEN 316, BIOEN 317, Bioengineering, Signals, Sensors
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This 3 page Reader was uploaded by Anastasia Nicolov on Monday April 21, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Washington taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 179 views.

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Date Created: 04/21/14
LE39 fIth F 7 j I Q 7 n P P P 39 W39 H 0 bE if 3 0 m a r aG EN C4QVfj M P 39L39LMa 39 2 t 391 p 7 H3 Z p cm Y 0Y5 9 F ltfewc y cg av 3 1 3 cE aszwr J quot539 t m39l39 I c 5Azre 2 g 3 p 2 naL5 was quot i39om 39 39339 L05 1 5 d Ewmm a A V tf 392 e3 39ze1gg V39 U 39 3 7quot Cquot SfEquot quot g 9 9 Zi 2 quot39Hiv gs 1 H V CV9 1 Cu quot 39E L393quot453 quotla 4 395 a n 1 Cquotquot331l s 75lf7fquot Gf vs ia cAas n 39 K quot H 519 A C quot quot39 W mm Js ev i JJ rim 4 Qquot quot 0 0 Z 9quot 1345 5gan 0 9 19 E 9 L 39 If Er30 S 3fr R E JQ f 39 amp39vamp2 a n r RG93 uggwf PB 9391 ca Q A M r D A 5 7 L quotE quot 39 39 M v39 39quot1 1 Ft 5 p LE CS pG In 3in V S if quot quot L i fun mu SKJ 6 L am if gegmKx1 39a u Q55 e39Ea39 quotHquot U 1 C39a F L 6 Q g H 3 E 1 3 h 39f 39139 5 L3s5r oJ isim4 gash f h d ago F aj J wg39 45 7 p 3quot awn quot3 0 r Wm G 39 F p r D MR0 hag E M quot3939 6 r tfgpes Vamp quot mu ampa saELe39 p gm VQQ I H Gquot T E D 39M939e Q rlt31va S I 39 E3 0 q D uI u cxnr J an L D quot39 iT E 39 V W A V gag rQ 2M ritawm LS E LQcw eS 99 nip e 9 H Pf rG 39n g 391 M V quot531 F quot jC jr iga w 395 0quot 3393 i1 vvr Qim2 3 V 1 quot 2 gw 3 Smm 1 1 7 ka V 5 f Sm 1 M l Zea 39 c f z 439m3939 V m w Vquot 7 V A y P r 0s t u f 5Q5 397 Q 0 p a 4p s IL Zq 1 Ei H39 quotquotquot vEInL5iramp 3 39quot 39me kq y s Pws Tvquot 39 s q k f 1 m an 1 l x q P k Ht quot k o o I T Q p Q 33 1as39 quotn quotau391 h arsr39s 2 E emu cs f39 7quot M g As am 6 39e 1rm au Ragga 3m V v3 Ia W29 uJ c an gr 5 vi 0Jy 1 39 39 5S W4E 4 fT 5r11jquotS 9e 3 a f 3 n3 w quot e 3 F Ly g 3 f h j r 1s quot39Ht 39 5 2zquotkz9X P 9g P H F e 2 i ampr Q3 A 50 1 L quot quotgquotf9ywGa In 3 Q 3923 Srawa u m Z M quot Q p1 0 2aJanaif S uh aL1 1 E b a3E lt2 i523my m3ram Measmr 0 9 D M 37 J539 be Q quotauQ39 avEa39g9 39l4 399 39Czav 3i39caquotLa5 9 39 Ma gmax D Ea 3 r n 5 L aJs g m 5 1gfno iva5 ma iogggeva sKE395EPS lm 39LL ggu i Hg r 3r 25 Q Q 3 g 54 3 La g mIJ39gt 5 b X f 3 J 5F139 quotquotquot3939z E grgnb W n ina ag LaaD aS5quot 3re3939fquot PS P D Carma 1iquotquot I F5 1 ff439 T r quotquot quot quoti3 0 9 395quotr 6 39a 0 v an v M 64 p 1 a 1 ma L5 g gmA T 1 gig 5 I e J we mu m rmmg Jere s whfvgtu 19 I 39 Er m v Yf Jrf Air 39 3 A 7 7 7 H r quotgt39h1quot e 2 I39 7


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