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World Lit, Shakespeare Background

by: Chanah Fallin

World Lit, Shakespeare Background engl 2210

Marketplace > Auburn University > ENGLISH (ENG) > engl 2210 > World Lit Shakespeare Background
Chanah Fallin
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About this Document

Background and political/religious context of shakespeare times
World Literature after 1600
Donald Wehrs
Class Notes
Shakespeare, world, Literature, 1600, after, donald, wehrs, auburn, history, Cultural, Religious, context




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chanah Fallin on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to engl 2210 at Auburn University taught by Donald Wehrs in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see World Literature after 1600 in ENGLISH (ENG) at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 08/23/16
Shakespeare background son of glove merchant married at 18 to a 26 anne hathaway, had a son and 2 daughters son dies at 12 in 1599 -went to london to write and act in plays in 1590s, dominant playwright in london and patronized by queen elizabeth, then by king james I. -2-3 plays per year, 1593-1613 -influential: got coat of arms and retired as country gentleman and died in 1616. Religious political context England ruled by absolute monarchy, strong kingship bc 200 years of war of roses. made England weak^ desire for strong king and unified kingdom lear: dividing kingdom in 3= red light to audience Shakespeare grew up under queen Elizabeth, daughter of henry 8, daughter of second wife henry found his own church in order to divorce wife and distribute church land to friends. ^made kingship stronger *Queen Mary tried to return to catholocism and persecuting Protestants and marrying king of spain. *Queen Elizabeth: protestant, church founded by henry elizabeth-james catholicism: viewed w suspicion bc associated w spanish polital power 1588: spain sent an armada to invade england, failed. england: liberty and protestantism (like synonyms for each other) political religous front not comfortable bc puritans became more prominent and increasingly antagonistic to anglican church 2 issues king/queen: head of church, political rule over clergy puritans were calvinists, and believed that original sin condemned all humans to death except the “elect” who god designed to save (predesitnation) ^human nature so corrupt that without divine intervention and divine will, no one could be saved therefore theater and sports naturally appeal to base selfish nature of humanity sin perverts emotions, will and mind into selfish directions without divine law, people will be beasts Lutherinist: humans are by nature so prone to selfishness and sin that unless they have faith in christianity as luther understood it, then they would be damned doctrine: salvations by faith alone catholic: both faith and good deeds are necessary for salvation and that humans are sinful but have goodness in them catholic, opposed to authority and corruption in church of his time shakespeare: educated in school for middle class men. upward social mobility now possible through reading and writing and cultural knowledge anglican: based on irasmus?? humans are perverted by original sin, but there is a goodness bc god created the world and god is good, tendency towards good activated in humans by putting on plays and dramas that appeal to the better nature play: exploration and laboratory for exploring these different notions **do these questions still matter to us? and how do they affect our culture?


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