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Week 1 Notes, Business English

by: Sarah Donnelley

Week 1 Notes, Business English 134

Marketplace > Midlands Technical College > AOT > 134 > Week 1 Notes Business English
Sarah Donnelley
Midlands Technical College
GPA 3.818
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About this Document

First day of class notes, as the second day has already been cancelled.
Business English
Beth Estes
Class Notes
parts, Of, speech, business, english, verb, to, Be




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Donnelley on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 134 at Midlands Technical College taught by Beth Estes in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Business English in AOT at Midlands Technical College.

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Date Created: 08/23/16
AOT 134—BUSINESS ENGLISH Week 1—August 22, 2016 Welcome to AOT 134, commonly labeled Business English. My name is Sarah, and I’m going to be posting weekly notes for our class. Our teacher’s name is Beth Estes, and she hates cell phones. She teaches part time at Midlands Tech and as a result, only wants you to use her personal email to contact her: For this class you will need: 1. The 12 edition Business English (no access code) 2. The Gregg Reference Manual 3. A pocket dictionary All three of these materials are able to be used on tests! Ms. Estes’ reasoning is that you should be familiar enough with the material that you know there is a rule and you know to look for it. The day the assignments are listed on the syllabus is the day those assignments are due. The reinforcement exercises and the pretest are to be graded as homework. For reference, please note that all proof reading marks can be found on page 472 of your textbook On the first day of class, we review the eight parts of speech and the verb “to be” Eight Parts of Speech: 1. Nouns- Person, place, or thing. Also can name qualities, feelings, concepts, activities, and measures. They can be singular or plural, and proper or common. 2. Pronouns- substitutes for nouns. Singular or plural 3. Verbs- express action, an occurrence, show a state of being, or help main verbs.  Linking- do not indicate action  Action- indicate what someone or something does, usually followed by a direct object  Helping- help in the formation of another verb THE LAST VERB IS ALWAYS THE MAIN VERB 4. Adjectives- modify nouns and pronouns  What kind?  How Many?  Which One? 5. Adverbs- give additional information about the main verb (usually). Modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.  When?  How?  Where?  To What Extent? 6. Conjunctions- connectors. Connect words, phrases or clauses 7. Prepositions- also connectors. Appear before a noun or pronoun. Prepositional phrases connect nouns or pronouns with modifiers. AOT 134—BUSINESS ENGLISH Week 1—August 22, 2016 PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES DO NOT HAVE VERBS. The object of a preposition is never the subject of a sentence. It is suggested that, when looking for objects and verbs in sentences, you contain the prepositional phrases in parentheses. A PREPOSITION IS WHAT YOU CAN DO TO A MOUNTIAN i.e. over, under, through OF is usually the forgotten preposition Another common example: fill in the blank. If it makes sense, it’s a preposition: THE RAT RAN _______ THE STOVE 8. Interjections- consist of one or two words to show strong feelings. These are rarely used in business communications. Please note the difference between a clause and a phrase: 1. Clause- has a subject and a verb  Independent clauses can stand alone  Dependent clauses depend on independent clauses to make sense. 2. Phrase- does not contain a verb The verb “to be” is a linking verb. You can read sentences using this verb backwards and forwards. The eight parts: 1. Am 2. Are 3. Is 4. Was 5. Were 6. Be 7. Been 8. Being A silly exercise, but it works: Alexis and Isma watch Warren Balance Balloon Baskets Am Are Is Was Were Be Been Being Other linking verbs express senses. Six of them: 1. Feels 2. Appears 3. Tastes 4. Sounds 5. Seems 6. Looks We’re going to have an awesome semester! If you have any questions about my notes, please call, text or email: 803-908-9380


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