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Day 1 M415 Notes

by: Elizabeth Frabotta

Day 1 M415 Notes M415

Marketplace > Indiana University > Business > M415 > Day 1 M415 Notes
Elizabeth Frabotta
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Notes from the first day of Advertising & IMC
Advertising & IMC
Scott MacKenzie
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth Frabotta on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to M415 at Indiana University taught by Scott MacKenzie in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Advertising & IMC in Business at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 08/23/16
Day 1 - Advertising & IMC Tuesday, August 23, 20161:57 PM • Office HH2139; Hours: 12:30-1:15 pm • Textbook: Advertising & Promo / Stukent Digital Marketing Essentials • EXAMS ○ September 20 ○ October 20 ○ November 29 • Group presentations December 6th and December 8th • Slides, handouts,etc --> ○ Go to Calendar: attaches slides, syllabus, etc. • Punta del Este Resort Case ○ Goal: increase vacation travel during peak summer season $100 million budget ○ ○ Special promos by area hotels and resorts for the premier season ○ Key feature: free airfare for anyone w/ seven day confirmed reservation at one of participating hotels in area ○ Taking place in 2015 in Uruguay ○ Paper Outline § Executive Summary § Situation Analysis □ Target segment profile □ Analysis of competition (their strengths & weaknesses compared to us) □ Strengths and weaknesses of Punta del Este § Advertising and Promotional Objectives □ Formally state what you want consumer advertising campaign to do ® Specify task, target, time period, and degree of change ® Formally state what your trade advertising campaign to do ◊ Specify task target etc § Advertising Executions □ Copy platform for TV and Print Ads ® What are key selling points in each ad & why ® Supporting facts for effectiveness ® Secondary selling points □ Internet Ads § Advertising Executions □ Copy platform for TV and Print Ads ® What are key selling points in each ad & why ® Supporting facts for effectiveness ® Secondary selling points □ Internet Ads □ Magazine Ads □ Trade Promotions to Travel Agents § Media Strategy □ Objectives & Justification □ TV, Print, Internet vehicle selections and justification (using Simmons OneView data) □ Media Schedule □ What shows our target watches, magazines they read, etc. § Budget allocations for advertising & promotions ○ Timeline § Group Assignments 9/06/16 § Prelim Report #1 - Due 9/27/16 □ Segmentation Strategy □ Target Segment Profile □ Analysis of Competition □ Strengths & Weaknesses of Punta del Este □ Advertising & Promo strategy □ Advertising and Promotional Objectives § Prelim Report #2 10/27/16 □ Creative Briefs for TV and Print Ads □ TV Ads ® Storyboards and scripts (PowerPoint) ® Discussion of why you think TV ads designed will achieve objectives □ Print Ads ® Rough layouts and copy (PowerPoint) ® Discussion of why they'll achieve □ Internet Ads □ Trade Promotions, Consumer Promotions, Publicity, PR, Event Sponsorships, etc. § Final Report 12/6/16 § Final Presentation 12/6/16 or 12/8/16 Criticisms of Advertising • What are some criticisms of advertising that you've heard? ○ Play into stereotypes of gender ○ Lie ○ Images are fake Criticisms of Advertising • What are some criticisms of advertising that you've heard? ○ Play into stereotypes of gender ○ Lie ○ Images are fake ○ Exaggerate features of products ○ Propaganda • Is it necessary to do offensive things to effectively persuade? ○ Buzz factor; gaining attention ○ It may be sometimes sufficient, but it's not necessary • Ethical Dilemmas in Advertising ○ Hardee's ○ Peta ○ Floormat vacuum ○ New York Times


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