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IS 2080 C Prof. Rapien Week 1 Notes

by: Brady Zuver

IS 2080 C Prof. Rapien Week 1 Notes IS 2080C

Marketplace > University of Cincinnati > Business > IS 2080C > IS 2080 C Prof Rapien Week 1 Notes
Brady Zuver
GPA 3.94
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About this Document

These notes cover week 1 of this course where we covered the basic information regarding to IT and IS.
IS 2080C
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brady Zuver on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IS 2080C at University of Cincinnati taught by Prof.Rapien in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see IS 2080C in Business at University of Cincinnati.


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Date Created: 08/23/16
IS 2080 C Prof. Rapine Chapter 1 Section 1.1 Why should I study information systems? 1) Most connected generation in history of the world. 2) Surrounded by personal, mobile, network. 3) Informed IS users get more value a) Benefit your org’s IT b) Enhance org through IT c) Recommend and select IT that your org will use d) Keep on top of new developments in IT e) Entrepreneurial minded people can use IT to start your own business 4) Myths about IT/IS a) No jobs. They have been outsourced. Jobs that remain are low salary because outsourcing is cheaper. i) Chief Information Officer (one of the higher paying jobs in companies) ii) Substantial Demand for IT staf (1) Programmers (2) Business Analysts (3) System Analysts (4) Designers iii) $115,000 median salary for IS Managers (US Dept of Labor) b) IS=Computer Science and I don’t like Programing i) Computer Science is either Software or Hardware Developer, IS/IT many more opportunities ii) IS/IT many more opportunities: Business Analyst, Network Admin, etc. c) I’m not an IS/IT major, I won’t use IT for much more than Email or Spreadsheets. i) IS is the development and application of technology to solve business problems. ii) Used in all fields for multiple purposes (1) Accounting- Enterprise resource planning, auditing, fraud detection, Sarbanes Oxley (2) Econ and Finance- Statistical Analysis, modeling and simulation (3) MGMT-Business intelligence, Management of human capital, project management (4) Marketing- Market research, e-commerce, search engine optimization (5) OM- Scheduling, supply chain and inventory management, control iii) This is why the course is required for all business students Section 1.2 Overview of Computer-Based Information Systems 1) DIK Model a) Data i) Discrete elements: words, numbers, codes, tables database ii) Can categorize, calculate, collate, and quantify b) Information i) Linked Elements: Sentences, paragraphs, equations, ideas, and questions ii) Can contextualize, compare, connect or filter information. c) Knowledge i) Organized information: chapters, theories, axioms, frameworks and stories ii) Can structure, interpret, evaluate and collect knowledge 2) Computer based information systems a) Need Software, Hardware, Database and Networks. b) Need procedures to process info and generate desired output. c) Need people 3) Types of IS a) IT components, IT personnel, IT services b) Accounting IS, Finance IS, Production/Op Management IS, Marketing IS, HR IS i) Considered Enterprise Resource Systems c) Business Intelligence Dashboards and Expert Systems d) Systems can be based on breadth of support i) Functional Area Information Systems (1) Focus on one area. (ex. Accounting) ii) Enterprise Recourse Planning System (ERP) (1) Will work together iii) Transaction Processing system (TPS) (1) Tracks transactions in businesses iv) IOS (1) Talk to other businesses v) E-Commerce Systems (1) Allow you to do business online vi) Many other systems which are not that important at this time because they will be covered more in depth later in the course Section 1.3 How does IT Impact Organizations 1. IT reduces the number of middle managers a. Fewer promotions=more competitions b. Let’s workers do work 2. Changes the manager’s Job a. More decision making responsivity because you can manage more people b. More real-time information=better decisions c. Supervising people you may rarely see 3. IT will eliminate jobs, but will create new ones. 4. IT impacts employees at work a. Safety issues (repetitive stress injuries) i. Sitting and typing 1. Can cause wrists to develop injuries ii. Eye problems 1. Caused by staring at screens b. Work-life balance. Start practicing. i. Constantly connected to job ii. Spending less time living life, more time working 5. Workers with Disabilities a. IT empowers visual, aural, and motor-impaired i. Can have computer talk to you if you cannot look at a screen all day Section 1.4 Why are Information Systems Important to Society? 1. IT afects our quality of life a. Robots i. Warehouse robots ii. Drones 1. Military Pilots do recon missions from safe places, using drones with cameras to do these missions instead of flying over enemy territories themselves iii. Telepresence Robots iv. Healthcare 1. Pill Cam 2. daVinci Surgical Robot a. extremely precise robot b. Surgeon is in a machine that controls the robot and can be anywhere in the world. i. Allows a surgeon in the US to operate on someone in Europe


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