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ANT 304 Class Lecture Week 2

by: Sena Sarikaya

ANT 304 Class Lecture Week 2 ANT 304

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Anthropology > ANT 304 > ANT 304 Class Lecture Week 2
Sena Sarikaya
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About this Document

These notes are from the first lecture on 08/29/2016 and the second on 08/31/2016.
Intro Archaeol Stds: Prehist
Dr. Valdez
Class Notes
Archaeology, prehistoric, intro




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sena Sarikaya on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ANT 304 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Dr. Valdez in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Intro Archaeol Stds: Prehist in Anthropology at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 08/23/16
Class Lecture Week 2 08/29 ­study of trash ­treasure hunter: romance of arch. (glamour) ­10 mil. tourists/year @Mex for Pyramids ­2 mil. tourists/year @Machi Pichu ­how old ­what do the tools, etc. mean? ­museum  ­gift shop ­looters, collectors, treasure hunters = greedy/ curse of arch. ­art dealers take to collectors for $$ ­robbed of knowledge/history b/c context is lost (where it was from, etc. not documented ­ex. effigies ­pots, jewelry, etc. ­desire to collect ­ ex. barbed wire, beer cans ­real arch = preserving the past ­inventory of material is finite ­for insight you need CONTEXT: that place in time & space ­removing artifact from context is irreversible, behavior is lost ­modern arch: systematic study of humanity in past ­every aspect (religion, society) ­prehistory: before written documents ­types of archaeologists:  ­classical: ancient greeks, romans, egypt ­sculptures, artwork ­ how social, economic concerns reflected in arch. record ­historical: recent past, North America, spanish missions, American forts ­pottery (trade), military uniform ­supplements historical documents ­historical documents always have propaganda  ­audience­whom was it written for? ­from Maya to historical ­ex .Spanish Missions ­priests write back (2nd bell tower) ­colonial williamsburg ­claims validated by archaeology ­underwater: limited because dive  ­contemporary: collect trash ­Uni of Ariz @Tuscon ­waste ­found that vitamin waste in poor neighborhood not in rich ­valuable for business & marketing for targeting ­prehistoric: earliest identified human to modern human ­99% history IS prehistory ­5000 years ago ­collab. w/ biologists, geologists ­specialists ­agriculture, etc. ­no one can be expert in all aspects 08/31 ­James Ussher (Arch Bishop) ­est. 4000 BC when world was created ­calc. from script ­Darwin ­evolution elongated Ussher’s estimate ­archaeologists finding tools etc. where ppl extinct ­how, why evolve into dif. societies? ­how to tie dif. ppl to story of creation ­garden of Eden, etc. ­if everyone came from one (Adam and Eve) then how to tie to biblical notions? ­anthropology comes about to study groups ­how to account for all ppl ­Edward Tylor ­1870’s British anthropologist ­organize humanity ­3 stages of achievement ­savagery ­barbarism ­civilization ­modern & prehistoric gatherer/ hunter = savagery ­culturally advanced = civilization ­if some ppl progress through stages then how first did they become that way? ­milestones in prehistory ­trend found: near east= earliest ppl etc…. b/c genius? No ­hunt./gat. culture IS HUGE ­control food supply ­ @ different places, @ different times agriculture starts ­dif. development b/c.. ­independently ­dif. develp. of plants, animals ­depend. on needs ­Asia: foxtail b/c rain ­New World: corn and squash ­35,000 yrs ago civil. ­thought that tropical large civil. impos. but not ­very few human devel. is unique ­only few devel. well recorded ­very first stone, bone = beginning of human his. ­anthropological archaeology = prehist. arch. ­cultural = contemporary ­phys./bio. = human anthropology ­arch.= past ­Adolf Bandalier ­SW U.S. ­pueblos ­spanish accounts, pueblo informants ­ basic arch. principle. ­from known to unknown (working back) ­step by step ­Cushing  ­5.5 years among Zuni ­secret society, clothes, immersed ­architect, artifacts, stories ­known to unknown ­carrying anthropology to prehist. times ­arch. study human society ­not objects ­artifacts = tools to study the past ­ant. archaeology goals 1. study culture history 2. reconstruction of ancient life hoods 3. ways in which human culture change ­why? ­describe the surviving remains of human beh. in the past ­up until 1950’s just describing artifacts ­not enough ­changes that took place b/c... ­ecological, environmental factors ­Gordon Willey ­Peru ­survey ­settlements over time ­settlement pattern archaeology  ­end of 1950’s ­method. theoretical app. change ­young arch. say not enough ­generation of students in college from military ­use stat. tech. ­use millions of data bits ­explain cultural change ­why some change & revert? ­why some change & others don’t? ­Lewis Binford ­why cultures are the way they were @ certain times ­instead of preservation only objects, assumes preserve of all aspects of history ­enthusiasm for scientific approach ­promised breakthrough failed BUT pushed arch. forward ­ “New” Archaeology ­processual arch. ­process involved in history ­most arch. today ­post process. arch ­ideology, religion, aspects ­now very specialized but all very processual   


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