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Ch 1 Notes: The Field of Social Gerontology

by: Jenny Dixon

Ch 1 Notes: The Field of Social Gerontology CDFS 4390

Jenny Dixon
GPA 3.8
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About this Document

Introduction to Gerontology
Families in Later Life
Class Notes
Intro to Gerontology




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jenny Dixon on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CDFS 4390 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by TBA in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Families in Later Life in Child Development and Family Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 08/23/16
Ch. 1 Notes Families in Later life CDFS 4300 8/22/16 “The Field of Social Gerontology” *Photo: Stressed, aged man (hand on head) *Photo: Happy, jumping couple (hand holding): Successful aging *Video: Betty White hosting SNL -Gerontology: Scientific study of biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging. -Social Gerontology (subfield of gerontology): Family relationships, health, retirement, widowhood, and frail of elder hood. >Successful Aging -Prevention of disease and disability -Attainment of peak physical and psychological functioning -Participation in rewarding and productive activities *Shift: Negative >>>> positive *Individual >>>>>>> society >Age -Chronological age: (U.S.): 65 -Functional age: Looks and what they do Well elderly Somewhat impaired elderly Frail elderly -Subjective age: As young as they feel, influenced by class and gender >Cohort and Generation -Cohort: A group of people banded together as a group *example: College group/children born in same year -Cohort Aging: Advancement of a cohort… -Classification of Cohorts by historical eras: -Swing generation -Silent generation -Baby boomers: 1946-1964 -Baby bust: 1965-1976 -Echo boomer: 1977-1994 -Millennials: 1995-2005 >Compositional Differences -Racial, gender, and ethnic composition -Family size/life expectancy -Size *Ageism: Set of beliefs about and attitudes toward the aged; patronizing the elderly. -2 distinct activities of ageism: -discrimination: Denying people opportunities -prejudice: Negative stereotypes *Age discrimination: Acting on the basis of negative stereotypes (example: the value of older workers/ physicians treat older people differently than younger patients. >Ageist Stereotypes Transmitted Through Media -TV/Movies: -Few characters on tv are old -Shown in a negative light on tv (Movie, “From Paris”) -Images have improved -Positive Ways: -Books -Movies (“The Intern”)


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