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ED-ESP 221 8/22/2016 Lecture Notes

by: Katy Webster

ED-ESP 221 8/22/2016 Lecture Notes ED-ESP 221

Katy Webster
GPA 2.9

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About this Document

Hi everyone. So this year, I am an elite note taker. This set of notes is lacking some and I apologize for that but I think it pretty much sums over what happened in class yesterday. Hopefully, I w...
Foundations of Professional Practice
K. Allred
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katy Webster on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ED-ESP 221 at Boise State University taught by K. Allred in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Professional Practice in College of Education - Special and Early Education at Boise State University.

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Date Created: 08/23/16
ED-ESP221 Lecture Notes 8/22/2016 Hi everyone. So this year, I am an elite note taker. This set of notes is lacking some and I apologize for that but I think it pretty much sums over what happened in class yesterday. Hopefully, I will post a set of notes or special highlights for each lecture. They will all be in the same set up; sometimes they will be a pdf file of notes out of my notebook. My notebook notes will most likely have more charts, mind maps, and photos. I will also include helpful tools that I have created to help me understand and remember some of the material throughout the semester. Anyway, good luck! Today’s Agenda Objectives Will be marked in various colors  Course Overview  Activity  H.O Getting to know you (no reason for notes)  Syllabus  H.O APA format  Form:Class participation (no reason for notes)  Activity: Case of the Troublesome Pit (no reason for notes)  Prep for next week- Matrix B, Read Chpt 1 Quiz, Study Syllabus, Questions about APA format (Keep APA Tools and Tips Handy) Course Overview This is a foundations class. Meaning there is a lot of topics to cover and not enough time. We will be covering a lot of topics but will not be covering them in depth. The Professor Keith Allred advised to never submit a 1 draft. Keith Allred is a constructivist (teaching and learning philosophy). What is a constructivist? One who believes a person has to make sense out of their experiences in order to learn Things to Pay attention to While reading the text, make notes of the findings or big research studies. You don’t need to know all the details. Just the findings. Keep track of all of the forms handed it in class today! Activity: When do In summary you become a This reading says that you become a teacher before your certification. teacher? (reading) Essentially, you are a “teacher” even when you are learning to be one. You need to treat school with the same level of professionalism that you would a teaching job in the future. Syllabus Assignments  APA format  Instead of final exam, we will have an exit interview with Keith Allred. Exit interviews will be the week of December 12 . th  Class participation points are relatively self-graded  Quizzes will be in blackboard; usually they are group quizzes and induvial quizzes. Keith is trying something new this semester.  Only 6 discussion board posts (yay!)  Final Paper: Compare and Contrast learning experiences in two different sides. 18 hours of experience at one site (BSU children’s center, unless arranged otherwise*) 18 hours of experience at a 1 ED-ESP221 Lecture Notes 8/22/2016 second site with developmentally delayed children. Typical, versus Atypical  Philosophy of Education Paper: can be a versatile paper if desired  Service Learning Hours: 3-hour block once a week, or two 90 minute blocks each week. Will start these hours the 5 week of the semester? *talk to Keith Allred about using Kids Choice as typically developing children observational site H.O APA Format Do not throw away his APA PowerPoint packet. A suggestion I have is practicing APA in order to become accustomed to it. If APA was my game then I would create an APA cheat sheet. However, it is not my game and I struggle with it myself. Self Eval Form  You have two weeks from now to set 3 personal goals for this class  Be an active learner. How do you connect this class with other classes or things you have experienced in your life?  How do you apply ideas that have been learned in class to your life? Read this paper and next week bring questions and be prepared to answer questions For Next Week  Have Chapter 1 reading done by Monday @ 6 PM, Take quiz #1 sometime after Monday. Matrixes will be completed in class??????  Keith Allreds Instructions: Between today and next week read the NAEYC standards and bring questions about them. Also be prepared to possibly answer questions about them. (if given the time will make standards cheat sheet)  Don’t forget to bring a sweatshirt! This room is freezing cold. 2


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