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ED-ESP Notes from 8-24-2016

by: Katy Webster

ED-ESP Notes from 8-24-2016 ED-ESP 250

Katy Webster
GPA 2.9

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About this Document

Sorry these are late! I planned to have them in by Friday night but I ended up with a family thing and yeah. Anyway, these notes are mainly focuses on the definition of terms and labeling. As a rem...
Exceptionality in the Schools
J. Ford
Class Notes
impairment, Disability, handicap, Labeling, specialeducation
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katy Webster on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ED-ESP 250 at Boise State University taught by J. Ford in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Exceptionality in the Schools in College of Education - Special and Early Education at Boise State University.

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Date Created: 08/23/16
ED-ESP 250 8-24-2016 Notes Notes Regarding Lecture #2 So since, my notes from lecture aren’t very long and I am sure most of you got the same things I did. I decided to go over the term definitions and examples in this set for Study Soup. Personally, the topics covered last Wednesday are very special to me so I might have an itch to prove the differences of disability, impairment, and handicap. I also have a huge itch to tell you why labeling is bad. However, as a professional, I’m not going to stand up on my pedestal and jam my ideas down your throat. You are not paying to read what I think, you are paying to get notes and tips. Anyway. That’s that. Impairment Disability Handicap • An impairment is any • a conditon, physical or • Most people register loss that affects a mental, that limits a handicap with wheel human being. Can be persons abilities to chairs and prefericial physical, mental, or participate in regular parking. It is not just emotional. activites such as (but that. • Ex. Hearing and sight, not limited to) soccer, • A handicap is an loss of limb, emotional classroom activites, ailment that limits a disturbance, etc social interactions, etc persons fufillment in life. A handicap is something that prevents them from aheiving on the same level as their peer group. I found a really easy to follow chart on the three. It does not necessarily follow to what we learned about on Wednesday but this chart sort of shows the differences of the three. Photo Credit: The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada ED-ESP 250 8-24-2016 Notes Examples of Impairment, Disability, and Handicap In this chart, each term is color coded according to the chart above that defines them. For the sake of legibility, yellow is orange. Cerebal David's CP causes his legs to be stiff, tight, and Palsy difficult to move. He cannot stand or walk. • Impairment: Davids innability to move his legs at the joints and the inability to put weight on his feet. Without treatment to release the contracted muscles, Davids level of impairment may increasse over a period of time. • Disability: The disability for David, is his inability to walk. It can be imporoved with therapy and special equipment. • Handicap: Davids CP is handicaping because it prevents him from fulfilling normal roles at home, preschool, and in the community. This will increase as he gets older. dificulting in learning to read, word and sound Dyslexia association, difficulties with fluency, poor spelling and decoding abiliteis. • Impairment: an impairment associated with dyslexia is the inability to associate sounds with symbols. • Disability: an inability to read is a disability. This disability can be improved by different teaching methods, and by explaining the impairment. • Handicap: a handicap associated with dyslexia is how welll a student can read compared to other children. Dyslexia can become severely handicaping as a student gets older and continues to struggle.. Blindness Blindness is the inability to see or have issues with sight. • Impairment: an impairment associated with blindness is obviously the loss of sight • disability: a disability that goes along with blindness is the fac tthat you would not be able to use to sight to see, read, find things, etc • Handicap: a handicap caused by blindness would be the inability to drive or the inability to play the same games that the other children would play. ED-ESP 250 8-24-2016 Notes Pros and Cons of Labeling Pros of Labeling Cons of Labeling Students have been identified Self-Esteem Needs of students have been met The label becomes the student Resources are provided Bullying, other kids aren’t as accepting of It is easier for teachers, counselors, and school children that are different from the social norm faculty if a child is labeled Teachers can be a bit more understanding When a child is labeled, they can become their label. Because of a label on them a child can feel inadequate and different compared to his or her peers. Personally, I am against labeling children into categories and sub categories. All children are different regardless of a disability or no disability. I understand that there is a need to label a child but there has to be another way to go about it so there is not a huge fall out because of said child’s label. If you want to hear my whole spiel about labeling, feel free to email me. I am always ready to go out on a rant for something I truly believe in or disagree with. Anyway, since these notes are literally being posted the night before we go to class. Sorry by the way. I will try and get these done by Fridays. I had some family stuff to take care of. As a reminder for tomorrow afternoon, think about the research to practice gap and how it cannot continue.


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