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Business Writing Skills and Quiz 1 Notes

by: Shelby Notetaker

Business Writing Skills and Quiz 1 Notes MGT 3725

Marketplace > Youngstown State University > Management > MGT 3725 > Business Writing Skills and Quiz 1 Notes
Shelby Notetaker
GPA 3.56
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About this Document

Our first quiz is Monday 9/19 followed by our first individual assignment, Wednesday 9/21. These are key points stressed in class. All other (more in depth) notes can be found on Blackboard.
Fundamentals of Management
Ramesh Dangol
Class Notes
Management, humanresources, business, Youngstown, Youngstown State University




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shelby Notetaker on Wednesday August 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 3725 at Youngstown State University taught by Ramesh Dangol in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Management in Management at Youngstown State University.


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Date Created: 08/24/16
8/29/16 – 9/14/16 Business Writing Skills Formal- conversational vs. colloquial Write the way we speak – be thoughtful and sound simple Structure – 3 parts - Avoid long sentences - Use simple language - Delete all unnecessary information - Use paragraphs Proof reading vs. spellcheck Put yourself in the shoes of the audience Citing sources! (For this class, use APA) Reference list and in text citation Presenting 1. Clearly 3 P’s 5 Stages 2.Professionally 1.Planning 1. Brief Introduction 3. Effectively 2.Preparation 2. Background 3.Practice 3. Issue (Bulk of information) 4. Recommendations 5. Conclusions 1. Connect with audience 2. Look interested while teammates present 3. Speak loudly and clearly 4. Be professional and dress appropriately 5. Use appropriate language 6. Be mindful of body language 7. Manage space 8. Do Not Read Prepared Text (Use bullets points as buzz words) 9. Be aware of time 10.Relax and Have fun! 8/29/16 – 9/14/16 Chapter 7 Human Resources Managers work closely with HR (HRM) Human Resource Management = Right People, Right Place, Right Time 3 Function Groups 1. Employment planning 2. Employee adaptation 3. Benefits 3 HRM Laws - Equal Pay Act 1963 - Civil Rights Act Title VII 1964 (Amended 1972) - Age Discrimination in Employment Act 1967 (Amended 1978) - Vocational Rehabilitation Act 1973 - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990 Pay Gap = $0.70/$1.00 (Female to Male) Ivy League Schools = Larger Pay Gap Network – Glass Ceiling – Institutionalized Problem Discrimination vs. Illegal Discrimination Protected Class: -Race -Religion -National origin -Age -Sex/Gender -Pregnancy -Familial status -Disability -Veteran Status -Color Disparate (Adverse) Treatment Disparate (Adverse) Impact Pattern or Practice - Intentional or unintentional it is still illegal - Large fines associated with pattern or practice The 4/5ths Rule Ex. White Black Apply White Black Selected 29 9 Apply 100 100 The 6/5ths Rule Selectedn 200 % 17.5 % Rate Ex. 6/5 = 120 %, so 120 % of 25 % (1.20 x 4/5 = 80 %, so 80 % of 29 % = 23.2 % ILLEGAL . 25) = 30 % 4//5 = 80 %, so 80 % of 20 % = 16 % LEGAL 8/29/16 – 9/14/16 Exceptions include: BFOQ – Bona Fide Occupational Qualification Ex. Age Cap on bus drivers for safety reasons -Safety considerations trump job qualifications Test Points to Study! - 4/5 and 6/5 - BFOQ Affirmative Action -based purely on merit -based purely on who’s best fit 3 Categories 1. Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination 2. Compensation/Benefits 3. Health/Safety Employee Management Process 3 Major Function Groups 1. Employment Planning -Job Analysis -Job Description -Job Specification -Recruiting: Locate, identify, attract capable applicants. *General Rule: Recruit 25 applicants (Policies control where to recruit from) -Downsizing: Bad for bottom line - Alternatives -Employee Selection -Applicants: Reliability and Validity -Selection Measure: Interviews – Structured, Semi-Structured, Unstructured 2. Employee Adaptation -Orientation -Employee training: needs assessment-Deficit? -How are you going to teach the skill set? -Deliver the training -Assess the training – was it effective? 3. Employee Performance Performance Management -Identifying 8/29/16 – 9/14/16 -Measuring -Managing -Developing The performance of human Compensation and Benefits: Reward Eresources! -Help attract and retain competent and talented individuals -Impact strategic performance -Keep employees motivated Review! (Quiz 1 9/19 and Assignment 1 Due 9/21) - HR laws and categories - BFOQ and 4/5 and 6/5 - Job Analysis - Recruitment - Selection Parts - Interviews - Steps of training


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