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Week 1 MENA 160A1

by: madelinef

Week 1 MENA 160A1 MENA 160A1

GPA 3.9

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About this Document

These notes cover the first two classes we had. No discussions this week!
The Religion of Islam
Professor Scott Lucas
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by madelinef on Wednesday August 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MENA 160A1 at University of Arizona taught by Professor Scott Lucas in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see The Religion of Islam in Religious Studies at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 08/24/16
MENA 160A Notes Aug. 22, 2016  Hadith- a report of what Muhammad said or did. More specific detail that the Qur’an  Sufism- a part of Islam o Not all Muslims believe it is part of Islam, but it is o Extra practices to get closer to God  Mysticism- quest to experience God now/get closer to God. o All monotheistic religions have his (Jewish, Christian, Islam…)  Useful Terms o Islam- the act of submission to God o Muslim- anyone who submits to God o Muslima- a female Muslim o Iman- faith, sincere belief in Islam, a degree of commitment o Imam- a religious leader o Ishan- one is acting righteously o Qur’an/Koran- books reveled to Muhammad o Tawhid- affirmation that god is one, pure form of monotheism o Taqwa- piety, guarding self from being bad, god fearing.  Pillars of Faith o A singular God (Muhammad) o A sequence of prophets  Adam is the first o A series of revelations o A host of angles  Was Satan (iblis) an angle? Some say he is a Gin (genie) o Resurrection, judgement, heaven and hell  Pillars of Practice o Testimony of faith o Prayer- lots of kinds. 5x/day.  1- 1 hour before day sunrise (daybreak)  2- Midday  3- afternoon  4- dinner  5- night o Almsgiving- tax on all wealth o Fasting Ramadan- happens for one month. Sometimes in winter. o The greater Pilgrimage (hajj)- do it once in their lives if they have the means. Go to Mecca.  Popular Expressions o As-salm ‘alaykum- peace be upon you  Wa ‘alaykum al-salam: and peace be upon you o Al-hamdu lillah- all praise belongs to God o Bismillah- in the name of god o In sha’allah- if god wills o Ma sha’allah- what god wills o Allahu akbar- god is greatest  Qur’an is not really in order. It is in order by length; longest at the front, shortest in the back. Most muslims are more familiar with the back passages.  Banu=brotherhood/tribe o Tribe= big family. They believe they have shared ancestors  Pre Islamic Arabia o Pastoral nomads and farmers o Tribes o Role of tribal chief (shaykh) o Raids (ghazw)- very common o Poetry- a way to mock who you raided o Honor, courage, generosity  The ka’ba  Religions of the Arabs o Judaism o Christianity o Polytheism and pilgrimages- probably the largest but not a lot of information o Hanif people  Meccan Islam o Muhammad- b. ‘abd allah b. ‘abd al-muttalio  Banu hashim of the Quraysh o Recite (Sura 96: 1-5 of Qur’an) o Khadija o Abu Bakr o ‘Ali, cousin of Muhammad  ‘ali’s father= abu talib b. ‘abd al –muttalib b. hashim


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