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test of site

by: Hannah Houston

test of site BIOL 144

Hannah Houston
Xavier University

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About this Document

A&P 1 for Social Sciences
Prof. Charles J. Grossman, PhD
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah Houston on Wednesday August 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 144 at Xavier University taught by Prof. Charles J. Grossman, PhD in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see A&P 1 for Social Sciences in Biology at Xavier University.

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Date Created: 08/24/16
Xavier University Department of Biology Anatomy & Physiology I Lab for Social Sciences Fall Semester, 2016 Course: BIOL145 All Labs will be held in Albers Hall, room 302 Section Day Time Instructor Contact Info Office Office Hours 01 R 10:00 – 11:50 AM SARA BALTZ (513) 745-4324 ALB 3 T 12:30-2:30 PM* or by appointment 02 R 12:00 – 1:50 PM SARA BALTZ 03 R 2:00 – 3:50 PM HEATHER BALYEAT (513) 745-4324 ALB 312A T 11AM-12 PM;* R 1-2 PM *Email is our preferred method of contact REQUIRED Laboratory Manual: MATERIALS: Title: Seeley’s Anatomy & Physiology, 11e ISBN: 978-1-259-67129-6 Author: Eric Wise Publisher: McGraw Hill Note: The book will be used over the course of Fall and Spring semesters. Supplemental Materials: Additional materials will be provided through the Canvas LMS COREQUISITE: All students should be concurrently enrolled in BIOL144 and BIOL145. DESCRIPTION: This course has been specifically designed for psychology students and n on-biology majors. Our goal for this course is two-fold: we want you to (1) understand how your body works in relationship to your personal health and (2) discover that all body systems rely on each other, including the nervous system, to function properly. During the fall semester we will be completing a survey of the human organism, cellular structure & function, tissues, and the following body systems: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urinary. CANVAS LMS: We will utilize the Canvas Learning Management System to post relevant announcements, weekly prep sheets, and any other relevant materials or references. It is your responsibility to check Canvas and your email regularly to stay caught up in lab. WEEKLY LAB Prior to each week’s lab you will be provided with a lab prep sheet on Canvas. Each prep sheet will PREPARATION & identify what learning objectives we expect you to be proficient with by the end of the lab. In addition, PREP SHEETS: you will be expected to complete the “in preparation for lab” items listed on the prep sheet. Often these items will include completing book activities or reading over the background information to minimize the time spent lecturing in lab. By minimizing lecture time, it allows you more time to learn the material via exploration and experimentation. ATTENDANCE: It is imperative to not miss your scheduled lab. Due to sharing lab space with other courses and only meeting one day a week, you put yourself at a serious disadvantage by missing even one lab. All our lab sections are typically full, so if you oversleep, etc. there is no ability for you to attend anoth er lab section. We do not permit make-up labs or have weekly lab reviews. LAB SAFETY: All rules of lab safety apply to our lab. Please read the Student Preface in your lab manual. No food or drink will be allowed. If you have any medical condition that may hinder your experience in lab it is YOUR responsibility to inform your lab instructor. If any injury occurs in lab it must be reported to the lab instructor during that class. Be careful. Please use common sense. DISSECTIONS: The objective for any di ssection in lab is to provide an animal -based study specimen for application to the human system. In this course we expect you to be respectful of any and all specimens we use and to participate. Please be sure to eat something prior to lab and wear clothi ng you do not care about. EVALUATION: Tests, quizzes, and a project will compose the final grade in the following proportions: QUIZZES = 10% ARTICLUATION PROJECT = 20% TEST 1 = 20% TEST 2 = 20% TEST 3 = 30% The final grade will be assigned using the following scale: A: 93.5 – 100 B+: 87.5 – 89.4 C+: 77.5 – 79.5 D+: 67.5 – 69.4 F: < 59.5 A-: 89.5 – 93.4 B: 82.5 – 87.4 C: 72.5 – 77.4 D: 62.5 – 67.4 B-: 79.5 – 82.4 C-: 69.5 – 72.4 D-: 59.9 – 62.4 QUIZZES: There will be three short quizzes given during this semester. The format of the quizzes will vary. Quizzes will be given at the start of lab, if you are late, that time will be deducted from the time permitted for the quiz. ARTICULATION Upon completing the skeletal syste m, articulations, and muscular system, you will do an activity that will PROJECT: require you to “put it all together,” quite literally, where you will build either an elbow or knee model. More details about this project will be given later in the semester. TESTS & The tests will be part practical and part written. Test #3 is part comprehensive. Use the Lab Prep Sheets to help REVIEW: guide you on what to study. We will hold one review session prior to each test, day/time TBA. Review sessions will allow you to look at old material and ask questions; they are not mini-lectures. MAKE-UP & Any late assignments will be penalized 10% per day, for a maximum of three days. After three days they LATE POLICIES: will earn a zero. Regardless of whether or not you are absent, graded homework needs to be turned in on time to avoid penalty. Make-up examinations and quizzes are given only when prior arrangements have been made or you have an excused absence. You must notify your instructor on or before the day you miss vi a email or phone. If you have an excused absence, with the appropriate documentation (i.e. Doctor’s note, court papers, police report, obituary notice etc.), you may be permitted to take a make-up quiz or exam at the discretion of your instructor. An unexcused absence (i.e. oversleeping) or failure to contact your instructor in a reasonable timeframe will result in you earning a zero. If you are a student-athlete, please see your instructor to discuss any scheduling conflicts as soon as possible. GRADE When a test or graded assignment is returned to you, you have one week from the date of its return to bring to CONCERNS: your instructor’s attention any request for grade changes. All re -grading requests must be fully explained in writing and signed and dated by you. In addition, the original paper must accompany the request for a re - grade and we reserve the right to re-grade the test or assignment in its entirety . After the one-week deadline has passed, no further grade changes will be considered for that particular test or assignment. CLASSROOM To facilitate the best environment for your education, please avoid being tardy and using electronic devices ETTIQUETTE: unless instructed to do so. We abide by the Xavier University Student Handbook and eyou to respect yourself, your peers, and your professors. HONESTY: Plagiarism and cheating are not acceptable. These include copying sentences or phrases from any print or internet source, copying from others, using crib sheets, etc. In accordance with Xavier’s Academic Honesty policy, any infraction at all will cause at least a grade of 0 on that assignment and may result in an F for the course, at my discretion. All incidences will be r eported to the necessary department chair(s) and college dean(s), who will keep them in your college record. DISABILITIES & Any student who may need tutoring or has a permanent disability that will require academic assistance (e.g. STUDY readers, tapes, or scribes) should contact the Office of Student Success, located in room 514 of the Conaton ASSISTANCE: Learning Commons. To learn more please visit, stop by, call: (513) 745- 3036, or email: HOW TO BE Learning Anatomy and Physiology takes work. Success in this course begins with attendance. Student SUCCESSFUL IN participation is expected, and in the case of lab activities cannot be duplicated at other times. In order to THIS COURSE: participate effectively, you must complete tasks assigned before class. Otherwise, you will not be prepared to participate in the conversation. For a 2-hour lab we would expect to spend 4 hours a week outside of class working on course material . To help you meet our expectation, in addition to using your lab manual, your lecture textbook has numerous tools to assist you in learning A&P efficiently and effectively. Some of these tools are: • Connect – Connect is an integrative website that comes with the purchase of the custom textbook. • A & P Revealed. This is included with your connect login. This web -based program has dissections, animations, illustrations, and quizzes for each body system. • You can also use each chapter’s incorporated learning aids, including the study outline and the recall and comprehension questions. If you want even more tools, you can search the web for other web sites that you might find helpful when studying A&P. Students who are successful : participate in lab reviews, study every week for multiple hours, and use more than one studying method (e.g. flash cards and a study group). Ultimately, there is no substitute for dedicating time every week for studying. Waiting until 3 days before the test will be too late. Anatomy & Physiology I Lab for Social Sciences Weekly Schedule WEEK DATE TOPIC 1 8/26 Introduction to Lab Science, Chemistry, Organs, Systems, and Organization of the Body *** DISSECTION *** 2 9/1 Biochemistry, Cell Structure & Function 3 9/8 Microscopy, Cell Cycle, & Transport *** QUIZ ONE *** 4 9/15 TEST 1 5 9/22 Tissues & Integumentary System 6 9/29 Skeletal System 7 10/6 NO LAB – Fall Break 8 10/13 Muscular System 9 10/20 Articulation Projects *** QUIZ TWO *** 10 10/27 TEST 2 11 11/3 Circulatory System 12 11/10 Respiratory System 13 11/17 Digestive System 11/21 Last day to withdrawal 14 11/24 NO LAB – Happy Thanksgiving! 15 12/1 Urinary System *** QUIZ THREE *** 16 12/8 TEST 3 Finals NO LABS! Week


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