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PSY 345 Individual Differences, Week 1

by: Cimmi Alvarez

PSY 345 Individual Differences, Week 1 PSY 345

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Psychology (PSYC) > PSY 345 > PSY 345 Individual Differences Week 1
Cimmi Alvarez
GPA 3.8
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About this Document

Introduction to Individual Differences
Individual Differences
Elliot Tucker-Drob
Class Notes
Psychology, individual, differences, Benchmark, week 1




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cimmi Alvarez on Thursday August 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 345 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Elliot Tucker-Drob in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 87 views. For similar materials see Individual Differences in Psychology (PSYC) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 08/25/16
Methods and Measures Psychometrics Act of measuring psychological features Distributed in a Bell shaped curve What is the Best way to Organize Personality Taxonomy for personality Big 5 Hierarchal personality Hexagonal structure What is the best way to organize abilities? Cognitive abilities Map Chart Major Themes Evolutionary Explanations of Individual Variation Why do all humans behave this way/form social groups ect. Expect: anyone without ideal sociability/intellect will not have the ability to reproduce How is evolution selecting people yet there is major diversity. Personality and Intelligence: Nature, Nurture, or both? How do genes and environment interact. Twin design: same genetics but possibly raised in different environments- how do they differ? Texas Twin Project: 1000 pairs of twins how do internal, biological, socioeconomic factors impact them as individuals. Lifespan Development: What happens to abilities as individuals develop and Age? Losing abilities right after puberty-right after reaching sexual maturity Personality, Abilities, and Life Outcomes Different personality factors impact life IQ and heart disease Personality and Economic status on Divorce Cohort Differences Narcissism on different generations What is Individual Differences Psychology? 1957 Lee Cronbach president of American Psychological Association Experimental- scientific psychology is just about understanding knowledge for knowledge’s sake not developing treatments just understanding it. Individual Differences psychology- the other half of psychology. Experimental Psychology: Average differences between groups of people attributable to situations, manipulations, and intervention. Groups experimenter designed randomly- if treated the same will be the same. Doesn’t: treats on differently and observe what happens. Control and Experimental groups All about averages!!! Aspects Experimenter controlled Random Assignment 2 How humans think and behave in general Interference cost: difference between the average of two groups Individual Differences Psychology: Person to person differences inherent to individuals Naturally occurring How people differ from one another Ex: differences personality, IQ, depression risks Chronbocks sweet spot Take what we know about people and understand differences based on what we did. Aptitude by treatment interactions: How much you have the capacity to learn from an intervention and how much treatment helped you. Person by situation interactions Individual Differences Finding High inhibitory control- able to give desired response quicker because they can inhibit the automatic process Low inhibitory control- cant give the desired response quickly because they have trouble inhibiting the automatic process Other Individual Differences Findings (from Texas Twin Project) Stroop interference correlates .34 with age in 3-8gh graders rd Taking age into account, Stroop interference correlates .33 among 3 - 8th grade identical twins. th There is no sex difference in Stroop interference in 3 -8 graders 3


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