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JTC 100 Notes, Week 1-First Newspapers

by: Daniela Navarro

JTC 100 Notes, Week 1-First Newspapers JTC 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Behavioral Sciences > JTC 100 > JTC 100 Notes Week 1 First Newspapers
Daniela Navarro
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About this Document

These are lecture notes for the second class. The first class was spent going over the syllabus.
Media in Society (GT-SS3)
Joseph Champ; Kimberly J Spencer
Class Notes
journalism, Journalism/English, english, English/Journalism, writing, newspapers




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniela Navarro on Thursday August 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JTC 100 at Colorado State University taught by Joseph Champ; Kimberly J Spencer in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Media in Society (GT-SS3) in Behavioral Sciences at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 08/25/16
Media in Society August 24, 2016  Readings due by next week Friday at 11am o From Bran’s Introduction to Mass Communication: Media, Literacy and Culture: Chapter 1 & Chapter 4 – Module 2  Media & Global Cultural Identity JTC 490 – o Mondays, 3pm to 5:50pm Eddy Bldg. Room 11 o Instructor: Donnyale Ambrosine  We’ve always had people telling very vivid stories.  Humans impulse to preserve stories.  As time went on the preservation of stories intensified.  Media has always been around o Pyramids o Hieroglyphs o Statues  Medium: anything in the middle - a way to convey or carry, something rd o Ex. The Heracles Papyrus, 3 c. Greece or Vellum deed with seal tag, 1638  In class we discussed such ancient human communication “media” as petroglyphs, hieroglyphs, pyramids and statues. We discussed how they can be said to represent early attempts to..? a. Create a lasting image b. Communicate c. Tell us what was important to the creators d. All of these answers are correct  Printing with Movable Tyler – c1455 Metal Type Crank Press o Chinese were first to print o Johannes Gutenberg – Mainz, Germany  Early Printed Matter o Pamphlets o “Chapbooks” - inexpensive books, sold for a penny or less  European Newspapers o Amsterdam 1620s o Woodcut Illustrations  The Press in America o The press is the tyrants foe, and the peoples friend o Meaning it holds the “important” people in power and if they are doing it wrong then we bring them down o 1690-1770: Colonial Press  First American Newspapers o Public Occurrences “Both Foreign and Domestic”  Boston, 1690  Benjamin Harris  Lasted one issue: very common because he was not given authority  He argued he was telling the truth but back then truth was not a reason.  Now we are protected by the truth o First Successful Newspaper  The Boston Newsletter 2  Postmaster John Campell 1704  Published until 1776 (American Revolution)  Popular Newspapers could challenge o Famous Trial: Established Truth as a dense against government o John Peter Zenger Weekly Journal New York 1733 o Legacy of Colonial Press o US journalism-Defiant o Critical  Free vs. Open Press  Open – freedom but someone can shut you down  Free – complete freedom  Establishes press as watchdog o First Amendment – Press Clause: congress shall make no law prohibiting the freedom of speech and the press, you can petition the government and you will not be thrown in jail. o The Next Era: 1770s – 1830s  Partisan (prejudice and unreasoning alleignce) Press Era  30 newspapers  First daily newspaper 1774  Affiliated with political parties  Opinionated, editorial commentary  Expensive  Rise of minority Press 3  Thomas Paine – Common Sense o Partisan Press o Ethnic Press – Bilingual  Cherokee Phoenix and Indian Advocate 1826- present  Freedom’s Journal o First Af. Am. Ppaer  1827, New York  Rev. Samuel Cornish & John B. Russwurm  Created because they were turned away when they wanted to publish in other papers o Penny Press: 1830s – 1850s  Leadership Grows  Urbanization: for the common (wo)man  Literacy Rising  Being more efficient – lowers cost, speeds up process  1 Papers for The Passes  Medium for social change o New York Sun – Benjamin Day  Using simple, direct, vivid language  Slogan: It shines for all  Day is responsible for what media looks like today.  First Advertiser-Supported Media o Day’s Innovations  Appeals to everyone 4  Advertising  News Stories – Simple, direct in style  Covered crime  Covered stories about the common people  Sent out reporters  They sent boys to sell newspapers  They were given 100 papers and made 1 cent per paper, only give 64 cents back  The Great Moon Hoax – 1835  Herschel had found the moon  The Balloon Hoax – 1845  Someone floated across the Atlantic o 1850s-1900: Expansion/Frontier Press  Followed fortune seekers  RR Expanding  Telegraph lines expanding  Advertising  Advocating “community” (inform, entertainment, tell us what we need) o Emmeline Wells, Editor: The Woman’s Exponent, 1872-1914  Plural marriage  Female suffrage 5


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