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Test Webinar Session

by: Pat Dimaandal

Test Webinar Session Bio 001

Pat Dimaandal

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Contemporary Biology - Lecture
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Pat Dimaandal on Thursday August 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 001 at University of California - Merced taught by Manilay in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Contemporary Biology - Lecture in Biology at University of California - Merced.

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Date Created: 08/25/16
Introduction to Biology Wednesday, August 24, 2016 2:09 PM Biology Syllabus Notes Office Hours Dr. Manilay Email: jmanilay@ucmerced,edu SEI 320 TBD Dr. Beaster - Jones Email: COB 337 Wed 2 pm - 3:30 pm, Fri 9pm - 10pm, appointment Discussion TAs Robert Manuel Ariadna Nicole Betsabel Jackie Course Learning Objectives 1 Evolution 2 Genotype vs. Phenotype 3 Phylogenetic Relationships Other General Policies Electronic Devices Students with Disabilities Academic Integrity Study Groups/ Tutors Attendance/Absences No makeups for graded work Prior notification if possible, if not within 2 working days Illness or emergency - written, signed evidence within 1 week If absence excused, then provisional grade granted NO provisional grades on final exam Tips Allowed to go to a different timed lecture unless it's a test. Discussions start next week (Aug 29 - Sept 2) Contact Include 1 An appropriate greeting 2 Question, comment, etc. 3 Sign your name Ex: Dear Dr. Manilay/ Dr. Beaster Jones I have a question about this and that. Thanks, Student Name Here Biology Lecture Notes What are the properties of being alive? Must have a cell Virus is not a cell, thus it is not alive Textbook Lecture Notes 1.1 Principles of Biology and the Levels of Biological Organization "In this section, we will examine the principles that underlie the characteristics of all forms of life and explore other broad principles. We will then consider the levels of organization that biologists study, ranging from atoms and small molecules to very large geographical areas." Learning Outcomes: 1 Describe the principles of biology 2 Explain how life can be viewed at different levels of biological complexity Questions Asked in Textbook: Is a bacterium alive? What about a virus or a chromosome? There are a total of 12 principles so far.  Cells These are known to be the building blocks of life. Cell Theory:  1) all organisms are composed of these cells [one/unicellular or more/multicellular]  2)cells are the smallest units of life  3)new cells come from preexisting cells by cell division Use Energy   Energy is used by a living organism for maintenance  This is acquired from the environment which ties with the biological principle that living organism interact with the environment.  Cellular Respiration: A process  Interact with the Environment  Maintains Homeostasis  Grow and Develop  Genetic Material provides a blue print for reproduction  Evolves from one generation to the next  All species are related by an evolutionary history  Structure determines function  New properties of life emerge from complex interactions  Biology is an experimental science  Biology affects our society 1.2 Unity and Diversity of Life 1.3 Biology as a Scientific Discipline Textbook Key Terms 1.1 Organism Cell Theory Cellular Respiration Metabolism Photosynthesis Homeostasis Growth Development Reproduce Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) Heritable Genes Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) Polypeptide Protein Biological Evolution Evolution Emergent Properties


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