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Social Psychology Week 1 Notes

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2 reviews
by: Bailey Anderson

Social Psychology Week 1 Notes PSY 270-001

Marketplace > Indiana State University > Psychology > PSY 270-001 > Social Psychology Week 1 Notes
Bailey Anderson
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About this Document

Week 1 notes for week of 8/22 Chapter 1
psy orientation soc psy
Dr. Sheets
Class Notes




Star Star Star Star Star
2 reviews
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"Easy to follow and helped a lot on the test 1"
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bailey Anderson on Friday August 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 270-001 at Indiana State University taught by Dr. Sheets in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 151 views. For similar materials see psy orientation soc psy in Psychology at Indiana State University.


Reviews for Social Psychology Week 1 Notes

Star Star Star Star Star

Easy to follow and helped a lot on the test 1


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Date Created: 08/26/16
Social Psychology Week 1 Chapter 1  Social Psychology: o We are social creatures by nature o We need each other  Social pain is remembered more than physical pain  A brief history: o 1898 Norman Triplett  Noticed when people race in a group they are faster.  Wind blocking hypothesis: someone in front blocks wind  Sucking hypothesis: person in front creates vacuum and pulls the one  behind  Hypnotism: seeing wheels hypnotize you and focus you  Competitive instinct: other people  release nervous energy and make you  move faster  Study: fishing reel connected to a flag that kids reeled either alone or with  a group watching to see how fast they were  Why fishing reels?­ no wind, sucking, or hypnotism  Independent variable: presence of others  Dependent variable: speed  Result: others facilitate simple tasks o Model for what social psychology is:  Applied: real world problems  Theoretical: developed variety of theories to explain  Experimental: manipulate variables in controlled setting o 1908: Ross & McDougall  Ross: sociologist (social focus)  Individual behavior reflects larger culture  Groups have norms  McDougall: psychologist (individual focus) trained in bio and med  Behaviors reflect instincts  Natural selection­ traits adapt to environment to survive o 1930s­1940s  Kurt Lewin: father of modern social psychology  Came from Germany in 1933  B= f(P,E) : behavior is a function of personal characteristics and  environment  Invisible glass video  Beliefs trump reality  Known for action research: “no research without action; no action  without research” Do science to change the world. “There is  nothing so practical as a good theory”  What do theories do?­ organize, predict, link/generalize  Essential to understanding class is research  Social psychology research methods: 3 categories o Descriptive­ shows an overall pattern on one variable. Milgram’s small world o Correlational­ assesses relationship between variables  Uses correlations (r) ranging from (­1,0,+1)  Sign tells direction, number tells strength  Negative( opposite direction), positive ( same direction)  Negative correlation: above average on first variable and below  average on second variable  r=.86 (IQ twins), r= .39 (stress/depression), r= ­.57  (age/attractiveness)  Can’t draw causal conclusions, no cause + effect (spurious)  Confound­ other (3 ) variable explains relationship  Drowning deaths go up with ice cream sales­ because of heat o Experimental  Mainstay of social psychology  In lab or field  Triplett  Independent variable­ controlled by experimenter  Dependent variable­ “outcome”/”effect” of IV  Random assignment­ makes groups equal at outset  Confederate­ someone whose behaving like another subject to control  interaction­ control one side


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