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Week 1 Notes

by: Ashlee Parra

Week 1 Notes EDP301

Ashlee Parra
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About this Document

This set of notes is compiled of day one and our first chapter of the book and our first lecture
Educational Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development
Heidi Burross
Class Notes
Education, Psychology, Child, adolescence, developmental




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashlee Parra on Friday August 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EDP301 at University of Arizona taught by Heidi Burross in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Educational Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development in Education, Science at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 08/26/16
Intro Day August 22nd 2016 ● Syllabus Highlights  ○ This class will focus on age 5­18  ○ Technology is fine  ○ Homework papers = 3­4 pages   ■ Simply applying concepts to your life  ○ 4 Exams  ■ Have Short answer (couple sentences)  ■ Also multiple Choice / Short answer / True or False  ■ Students usually finish in 35­40mins  ○ Assignments due @ 12n on due dates  ■ Can turn in assignments until it closes, only the recent turn­in is graded   ■ Email if D2L is being stupid   ○ Panopto = recorded lectures  ○ Random attendance is done in this class  ○ No cumulative final exam  ○ Under handouts is the rubric for each assignment   ○ Exam day bring ID!  ○ Final= Thurs Dec. 15th    Chapter 1   ● Educational Psychology  ○ In the beginning educators thought is was just teachers observing children  ○ Today   ■ Definition = It is what happens when someone teaches something to  someone else in some setting  ● Role of educational psychology  ○ Dedicated to the study of teaching and learning   ○ Use of psychology in educational settings   ● Good Teaching  ○ Teaching is an art and a science   ○ All positive adjectives (ie: good listener, caring, patient, helpful etc.)   ○ A good thing for teachers is to…  ■ Relax, not everything goes as planed..  ○ Teachers need…  ■ Flexibility, strategies and knowledge about their students…  ○ Differentiated Instruction  ■ Changes you make to match the students needs  ■ Need to know that there are a variety of styles, interest, needs and  abilities with and between learners   ■ This skill is needed due to both individual differences and sociocultural  factors  ● Beginning Teachers   ○ Concerns  ■ Classroom management, motivation, accommodating disabilities, fair  evaluation, etc.  ■ It’s OKAY we will learn how to address these     Start Chapter 7 on Monday Aug 26th  


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