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Drug ID- Week 1- Aug 24, 2016

by: Chelsey Smith

Drug ID- Week 1- Aug 24, 2016 FSC 440

Chelsey Smith
GPA 3.9
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About this Document

These notes include introductory information about drug schedules and the steps involved in evaluating a substance.
Drug Identification
Class Notes
drug, Forensic, Science, pharmacology




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chelsey Smith on Friday August 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FSC 440 at University of Southern Mississippi taught by Nesser in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Drug Identification in Forensic Science at University of Southern Mississippi.


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Date Created: 08/26/16
FSC 440­ Drug Identification August 24, 2016 CSA­ Controlled Substances Act­ puts drug families into categories ◦ Schedule I­V ◦ Schedules are based on:  o Potential for abuse o Physical and psychological dependence o If there are any known medical usages ◦ This act provides a mechanism for substances to be put into control and added to a  schedule or removed as needed ◦ Drugs can change schedule with more recent information and can move up a schedule in  emergency situations where the abuse and usage of a drug has grown drastically ◦ Investigations can be launched at any time and by any concerned department or agency  concerning the safety of a drug  Steps in Evaluating a Substance ◦ Scientific and medical evaluations are collected and sent to the DEA. These submitted  findings are legally binding and cannot be overlooked or ignored Potential for Abuse is Determined by: ◦ Short term/ long term use effects ◦ Amount of drug that creates hazardous effects ◦ Evidence that person is taking drug by free will­ not by suggestion of Dr, RPhd, or other ◦ The chemical makeup of the drug Factors ◦ Drug’s actual or relative potential for abuse ◦ Pharmacological effects ◦ Current data ◦ History of drug­ time frame for abuse ◦ Is drug a stepping stone to something more dangerous? Schedule I ◦ High potential for abuse ◦ No current or limited accepted medical use in US ◦ Lack of safety ◦ Drug analog­ not specifically listed in schedule but exhibits similar effects as those  already listed­ structural/ psychological similarities ◦ Examples: heroin, MDMA, LSD, marijuana  Schedule II ◦ Still high potential for abuse ◦ Currently medically acceptable ◦ Can lead to psychological/ physical dependence  ◦ Examples: cocaine, methamphetamines, oxycodone Schedule III ◦ Potential for abuse ◦ More medical acceptance than previous schedules ◦ Moderate to low physical dependence  ◦ High psychological dependence ◦ Examples: Vicodin, pain medications Schedule IV ◦ Low potential for abuse ◦ Accepted medical use ◦ Limited physical/ psychological dependence  ◦ Examples: Xanax, valium, ambien Schedule V ◦ Low potential for abuse ◦ Low potential for physical/ psychological dependence  ◦ Example: robitussin (less than 200mg of codeine in cough syrup) Next Step: ◦ DEA must come up with proposals ◦ Hearings ◦ All information must be published­ emergency schedule listing is permitted 


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