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Practice Upload

by: Azwad Rahman

Practice Upload BME1008

Marketplace > University of Florida > BME1008 > Practice Upload
Azwad Rahman

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About this Document

Practice upload
Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
Arce,Stephen Hugo
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Azwad Rahman on Saturday August 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BME1008 at University of Florida taught by Arce,Stephen Hugo in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 08/27/16
Gator Link Activity  Internship Work Authorization Currently authorized to work in the United States with no restrictions,  Currently authorized to work in the United States, but will require  sponsorship in the future, Not authorized to work in the United States  currently, will need immediate sponsorship Position Description The Cade Museum Prize is looking for interns with a passion for  creativity and entrepreneurship, who will work directly with Cade  Museum Prize staff and assist with the daily operations of running an  innovation prize. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals  interested in being an active part of the Florida innovation community  and with the opportunity to interact with Cade Museum Prize judges,  applicants, supporters and sponsors. The 8th Annual Cade Museum Prize will open for applications in 2017­­ those interested in the Fall 2016 internship will be focused on assisting  with the marking and communications of the Prize. Spring interns will  also assist with marketing and communications, and will additionally be  involved with the planning and coordination of the “Sweet 16” semi­ finalist event in March and the award ceremony, the Inventivity Bash  event. Preference will be given to those who can commit to interning  through both the Fall and Spring semesters. Responsibilities will include: • Monitor and post on related blogs, forums, and social networks • Online outreach and promotion using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more • Assist with the planning and coordination of the Sweet 16 semi finalist  event, and Inventivity Bash • Attend related events with staff as a representatives of the Cade  Museum Prize, with the potential to travel throughout the state. • Act as a liaison between the Cade Museum Prize and the UF  entrepreneurial community About the Cade Museum Prize  Launched in 2010 the Cade Museum Prize is the largest cash prize for  innovation competition in the state of Florida and draws hundreds of  entries every year from creative­thinkers from Pensacola to Miami. The  Cade Museum Prize is in search of entrepreneurs, inventors, researchers, and early­stage companies planning to take their idea to market. Open only to Florida residents and Florida­based companies, the Cade  Museum Prize awards a $50,000 cash prize and in­kind incentives to the  winner of the competition each year at the Museum’s annual gala event  in late spring. Every year the applications submitted are diverse,  featuring innovations in, but not limited to, biomedical and healthcare,  tech and electronics, environmental, and consumer sectors. Contact: Carly Kosmacki Program Associate Location Gainesville, Florida ID 772633 Job Function Other Desired Major(s) Business Administration/Business Administration ­ General Studies,  Business Administration/Management, Business  Administration/Marketing, Business Administration/Entrepreneurship,  Journalism & Communications, College of/Mass Communication  (minor), Journalism & Communications, College of/Public Relations Salary Level unpaid internship Duration flexible


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