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Biblical Literature Section 05

by: Mali<3

Biblical Literature Section 05 BIBL 1033.05

Marketplace > LeTourneau University > Bible > BIBL 1033.05 > Biblical Literature Section 05

GPA 3.8
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About this Document

These are notes were taking from the first week of Biblical Literature. They will come in handy for quizzes and exams. Very straightforward and easily understood. :D
Biblical Literature Section 05
Dr. Will Williams
Class Notes
bible, Biblical, Literature, scripture, Scriptual, Genesis, drama




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mali<3 on Sunday August 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIBL 1033.05 at LeTourneau University taught by Dr. Will Williams in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Biblical Literature Section 05 in Bible at LeTourneau University.


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Date Created: 08/28/16
The Drama of Scripture Chapter 1 week 1 Genesis 1: The Spirit of God was hovering over the deep  Protection  Nurturing… Creatio ex nihilo = creating out of nothing God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing The full Godhead was there at the beginning of Creation (John 1-3) God = Father Son= "Word" the Logos = reason, thing Spirit of God = ruah (Hebrew) "wind, breath" Genesis 1: 6 " our image/our likeness..." Elohim = God But the "him" is the Hebraic way of making things plural like our "S" in English However, "him" is ALWAYS used with a singular "verb" So Elohim = The God "IS" Proving once more that God in His person Godhead was there in full. God "Formed" everything and then added the "filling" Fillers Day 1 = Light Day 2 = Sky, water Day 3 = Land, vegetation Fillings Day 4 = sun, moon, stars Day 5 = birds, fish Day 6 = Animals, humans The sun and moon are not mentioned but referred to as the "greater and lesser" light instead. This is Demythologized (taking out the myth that the Sun and Moon are to be worshiped as God instead of being taken as just a creation created by the Mighty God) Eden = the area where the garden was located We were made for civilization and livestock where created to be used for manual labor Questions to know what was created on the sixth day? a. Humans, animals How did God prevent Adam and Eve's return to the tree of life? a. Placed a Cherubim with a flaming sword at the entrance Who is the author of the Torah (first five books of the Bible)? a. Moses Our Book argues that in Gen. 2: 4 "Yahweh" (Lord) and "Elohim" (God) combined signifies? a. It signifies that same God who delivered Israel is the same one in Creation The story of creation in Genesis is what exactly? a. It's a completely argument meant to contradict ancient creation stories What are the phrases that are repeated in Genesis 1? a. And God said let there be...and there was b. And God saw that it was good/very good


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