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Test Upload, Week 1

by: Sara Madison Carpenter

Test Upload, Week 1 TEST 101

Sara Madison Carpenter
GPA 4.8

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About this Document

This is the upload for the webinar.
Test Webinar Session
Michaela H
Class Notes
testupload, test101
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sara Madison Carpenter on Sunday August 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to TEST 101 at University of Mississippi taught by Michaela H in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views.

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Date Created: 08/28/16
THEA 201 – Appreciation of the Theatre Fall 2016 – Section 4 – Thursdays 9:30 -10:45am Instructor – Dr. AnnMarie T. Saunders Office – 207 Isom Hall (behind Fulton Chapel) Teaching Assistants – Austyn Davis, Summerlin LaCour, Emily Stone Section Email – Course Description: Theatre connects worlds, reaching across disciplines, across cultures, across time. Theatre is not only a form of entertainment, but is also an engaging way of understanding the world. This course cultivates an appreciation of the theatre as a performance art and develops perceptive audience standards through demonstrations of the unique characteristics of theatre. A combination of in-person lecture and online readings/viewings, this class invites students to explore the process of creating theatre performances, to examine genre and style of dramatic literature, and to discuss theatre’s function in society. Required Text: The Creative Spirit, 6 ed. by Stephanie Arnold Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to… o Display knowledge of key periods and figures in Western theatre history o Recognize and identify major styles of American theatre, as well as various international theatrical traditions o Identify and describe the responsibilities of key professional roles in the theatre including playwrights, actors, designers, and directors o Demonstrate an understanding of theatre as both an aesthetic pursuit and a cultural production o Demonstrate an understanding of theatre as an integrated art form by being able to classify the elements of a production separately and also understand them together as an artistic whole o Demonstrate the ability to analyze and ethically evaluate theatrical representations of cultural issues and social identities (General Education) Students may vary in their competency levels on these abilities. You can expect to acquire these abilities only if you honor all course policies, attend class regularly, complete all assigned work in good faith and on time, and meet all other course expectations of you as a student. Please Note: This is a hybrid course and you will be expected to complete a considerable amount of your work online. Online materials will be periodically posted on Blackboard at Student Responsibilities and Assignments: 2 Attendance: Attendance for lecture sessions will be taken via scanners using the students’ ID card. In order to be counted as present, you must bring your ID card with you to each class meeting and scan it in the machines at the rear of the auditorium. Scanners will count attendance beginning 10 minutes prior to class time and will continue through 10 minutes after class has begun. After that, you will not be counted as present. You must attend class within the first two weeks to meet University requirements of enrollment. After that, attendance is strongly suggested, but not mandatory. Be advised that important information will be covered in class that is not repeated in the textbook. However, no one will beg you to attend. Your attendance in this class is your own business. ONCE YOU ARE HERE, though, you are cordially requested to stay. Leaving in the middle of a lecture is rude, and climbing over fellow students to do so is especially rude. If you need to leave early for any reason, let us know at the top of class so that we can find an unobtrusive place for you to sit. PLEASE NOTE: If you miss a class for any reason you are responsible for finding out what you have missed and making sure that you understand any assignments given. Not being present in class when an assignment is given or explained is not a suitable excuse for not being prepared. The answer to “Did I miss anything?” will always be YES. Online “Attendance”: Many assignments will be completed online and will be offered only during specific windows of time. You must complete these assignments in the given time frame, unless you have a documented excuse. The only “excused” absences are those of serious illness (which require documentation from the attending physician), religious observance (where the nature of the observance prevents the student from being in class – prior notification must be given to the Instructor), and participation in University activities at the request of University authorities (prior notification must be given to the Instructor). Students who do not give the Instructor prior notification of absences, or documentation of excused absence will not be permitted to submit make-up work. Performance Attendance: Students are required to attend the two (2) productions of Ole Miss Theatre: 1) Clybourne Park – Meek Auditorium, September 23, 27-30, and October 4-8 2) The Wedding Singer – Fulton Chapel, November 11, 12, 13 I encourage you to plan wisely and ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to get tickets and then discover that the productions are sold out! This will not be an acceptable excuse for missing the assignment. Details on the performance dates and times will be provided on Blackboard. Quizzes: (150 points total) There will be ten (10) scheduled quizzes given during the semester. Quizzes will cover information from course lecture, reading and viewing assignments, and class discussion. Any material presented or read between one quiz and the next is fair game. Quizzes will be completed online. 3 Journals: (150 points total) There will be 6-8 journal prompts assigned throughout the semester. Details of these assignments will be posted on the course Blackboard in the weekly content folders. Journals will be completed online. Tests: (100 points each) There will be 2 scheduled tests given during the semester. Tests will cover information from course lecture, reading and viewing assignments, and class discussion. Any material presented or read between one test and the next is fair game. These tests will be taken online. Midterm & Final Exams: (150 points each) Students will take a comprehensive mid-term and a comprehensive final examination. Questions will come in a variety of forms, including but not limited to multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, matching, and short answer. These exams will be taken online. Grading: Grade Quizzes 150 points Scale: Journals 150 points A = 900-1000 Performances 200 points B = 800-899 Tests 200 points C = 700-799 Midterm – 150 points D = 600-699 Final Exam – 150 points Total Possible = 1000 points Extra Credit: There will be various opportunities to receive extra credit throughout the semester. These will be posted on Blackboard and/or announced in class. You may earn up to 50 points of extra credit through any combination of eligible assignments Course Policies: Classroom Decorum: It is my responsibility to treat you with the respect to which you are entitled as an adult. In return, I expect you to afford your classmates and me the same respect. In order to facilitate a positive learning environment for all students, a minimum level of mutual respect and decorum is necessary:  Turn off your cellular phones, beepers, personal stereos, and similar machines.  If you must leave during class, notify me prior to the beginning of class. Technology: The online quizzes and tests work best from a landline. Connecting to the internet from a wireless connection is liable to cause technical difficulties. There are many online assignments in this class. It is your responsibility to complete these assignments on your own time. At some point, you may experience technical difficulties. NO, REALLY, MOST OF YOU WILL EVENTUALLY EXPERIENCE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. You will be alarmed, frightened, will write us and not know what to do. First of all, understand that most of you are experiencing these technical difficulties because you are on a wireless connection. 4 Or, you took it on a landline and it still failed (it happens). What now? All quizzes (and tests) allow multiple attempts. They are programmed to grade only the first attempt. So, take the quiz/test again and fill out a form to let us know what happened. We don’t have any way of knowing that something unusual happened unless you bring us a form. For lecture sessions - I encourage the use of laptops, ipads, tablets, and other tools; however, with this freedom, I expect that each student will use such tools responsibly for educational purposes - not to distract themselves from the class (i.e. you shouldn’t be on Snapchat or watching YouTube). Students who are found to be using these tools inappropriately will forfeit the privilege of using them in class. Communication: Email us when you need help ( But keep in mind that there are a lot of people taking this class, and your email may get lost or inadvertently ignored. You may have to ask us to fix something more than a few time. Please be patient and gracious. Do not attempt to contact the instructor or the TAs directly. All emails must include your name – again, there are a lot of people in this class. UM Policies: All students are bound by the guidelines and regulations as set forth in the current Student Handbook. If you do not have a copy, please obtain one from the Student and Instructional Support Services. Academic Conduct and Discipline The Department of Theatre Arts adheres to the University Academic Honor System that states: “The University is conducted on a basis of common honesty. Dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism, or knowingly  furnishing false information to the University are regarded as particularly serious offenses. Disruptive behavior  in an academic situation or purposely harming academic facilities also are grounds for academic discipline.  “When a faculty member believes that a student has committed an act of academic dishonesty, he/she shall  seek to discuss the apparent violation with the student as soon as possible and give the student an opportunity  to explain. If the faculty member still believes the student committed an act of academic dishonesty after  discussing the matter with the student, the faculty member may recommend an appropriate sanction, such as  grade reduction, retake of a test or examination, extra work, failure in the course, suspension, expulsion, or a  combination of these sanctions.”  If you plagiarize, cheat, or exhibit other forms of academic misconduct I will recommend that you be assigned an “F” in the class immediately. ADA Statement The University of Mississippi does not discriminate against any student, employee or applicant for admission or employment based on handicap status. Any student who has a bona fide disability and needs a reasonable accommodation should contact the office of Student Disability Services. Please make arrangements ASAP regarding Disability Accommodations. 5 Note: This syllabus is subject to change due to the needs of the class. Any changes will be announced in class and on the course Blackboard site. Students will be given ample notice of any changes that affect assignments. Students are responsible for all adjustments to the course schedule and/or required assignments.


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