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General Chemistry

by: Kaitlynn Jordan

General Chemistry CHEM 1120

Kaitlynn Jordan
GPA 3.4
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About this Document

Week 1 notes
Class Notes
General Chemistry





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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlynn Jordan on Sunday August 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1120 at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see GENERAL CHEMISTRY II in Science at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga.


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Date Created: 08/28/16
 WEEK ONE: AUGUST 22 - AUGUST 26: TUESDAY: Chapter 13 Syllabus  Overview  Homework 1 ­ Review of 1110 due Tuesday Aug. 29 THURSDAY: Chapter 13 o Solution ­ Homogeneous mixture of two or more substances, occurs  when the solute molecules are separated and surrounded by solvent  molecules.   Separation of molecules requires energy input, bonding releases  energy.  Two substances of similar type (polar­polar, nonpolar­nonpolar) or  magnitude are soluble   Consists of solutes (in smaller amount) and solvents (in larger  amount)  Supersaturated solution ­ most common is Sodium Acetate, initially  made by heating to add more solute, then carefully cooled.  Unstable  Saturated solution­ contains max amount of solute that will dissolve  in a solvent at a specific temperature  Unsaturated solution ­ can hold more solute o Solution Process depends on three reactions:  Solute­Solute interactions  Solvent­Solvent interactions  Solute­Solvent interactions   o Solubility increases with temperature increases with solids in liquids o Solubility decreases with temperature increases with gas in liquids o Concentration ­ Solute percent in solvent o Molarity(M) = Moles of Solute/Liters of Solution  o Molality (m) ­ temperature independent; m= Moles of Solute/Kg (mass)  of Solvent o Percent by Mass = (Solute mass/ (mass of solute + mass of solvent)) *  100% o Parts per hundred (pph) = %, parts per thousand (ppt) x1000, parts per  million (ppm) x10^6, parts per billion (ppb) x10^9   o Henry's Law: c=kP; Used to calculate concentration Concentration (c ), Pressure (P), and Proportion constant specific  to gas­solvent combination and temperature (k) o Kinetic molecular theory ­ Amount of gas that dissolves depends on  how many collisions a gas molecule has with solvent.   o Colligative properties ­ properties that depend on the number of solute  particles in solution o Raoult's Law ­ Vapor pressure of pure solvent is always higher than  solvent pressure in a solution (assuming a less volatile solute)   o Boiling point is when Vapor Pressure = Atmospheric Pressure Solute­solvent interactions make it harder for solvents to evaporate  Example: Adding salt to boiled water lets pasta cook at a  higher pressure. Boiling point elevation = boiling point elevation constant * molality      Homework 1 ­ Review of 1110 due Tuesday Aug. 29 NO LAB  WEEK TWO: AUGUST 29 - SEPTEMBER 2: TUESDAY: Chapter 13  Homework 1 ­ Review of 1110 due Today THURSDAY: Chapter 10 LAB 1: Safety, Math/Chem Review, Notebook Check  WEEK THREE: SEPTEMBER 5 - SEPTEMBER 9: TUESDAY: Chapter 10 THURSDAY: Chapter 14 NO LAB  WEEK FOUR: SEPTEMBER 12 - SEPTEMBER 16: TUESDAY: Chapter 14 - 15 THURSDAY: Chapter 15, Test Review LAB 2: Determining the Concentration of a Solution: Beer's Law  WEEK FIVE: SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 23: TUESDAY: EXAM ONE (10, 13, 14) THURSDAY: Chapter 15 LAB 3: Enthalpy Change for a Chemical Reaction  WEEK SIX: SEPTEMBER 26 - SEPTEMBER 30: TUESDAY: Chapter 15 - 16 THURSDAY: Chapter 16 LAB 4: Complexometric Titration of Magnesium  WEEK SEVEN: OCTOBER 3 - OCTOBER 7: TUESDAY: Chapter 16 THURSDAY: Test Review LAB 5: Chemical Equilibrium  WEEK EIGHT: OCTOBER 10 - OCTOBER 14: TUESDAY: EXAM TWO (15, 16) THURSDAY: Chapter 17 LAB: EXAM ONE  WEEK NINE: OCTOBER 17 - OCTOBER 21: TUESDAY: FALL BREAK THURSDAY: Chapter 17 NO LAB  WEEK TEN: OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 28: TUESDAY: Chapter 17 - 18 THURSDAY: Chapter 18 LAB 6: Identification of a Weak Organic Acid  WEEK ELEVEN: OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 4: TUESDAY: Chapter 18 THURSDAY: Chapter 19, Test Review LAB 7: Qualitative Analysis (Part A)  WEEK TWELEVE: NOVEMBER 7- NOVEMBER 11: TUESDAY: EXAM THREE (17, 18) THURSDAY: Chapter 19 LAB 8: Qualitative Analysis (Part B)  WEEK THIRTEEN: NOVEMBER 14- NOVEMBER 18: TUESDAY: Chapter 19 THURSDAY: Chapter 20 LAB 9: Oxidation States of Uranium  WEEK FOURTEEN: NOVEMBER 21- NOVEMBER 25: TUESDAY: Chapter 20, Test Review THURSDAY: THANKSGIVING BREAK LAB 10: Rates of Reaction  WEEK FIFTEEN: NOVEMBER 28- DECEMBER 2: TUESDAY: EXAM FOUR (19, 20) THURSDAY: Final Review LAB: EXAM TWO (Last Lab)  FINAL EXAM: DECEMBER 13, 10:30 - 12:30 P.M., 129.


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