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Lecture Notes Week 2, Lecture 1 - Verbal Communication

by: Franchesca Mueller

Lecture Notes Week 2, Lecture 1 - Verbal Communication CMN 435

Marketplace > University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign > Communication > CMN 435 > Lecture Notes Week 2 Lecture 1 Verbal Communication
Franchesca Mueller
GPA 3.92

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About this Document

Class Notes and Discussion on Verbal Communication. Topics include: Types of Messages, Interpreting Messages, Properties of Language, and Confirming Message/Disconfirming Message/ Sin License .
Adv Interpersonal Comm
Mary E Ramey
Class Notes
verbal, communication, Advanced, Interpersonal
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Franchesca Mueller on Monday August 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CMN 435 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign taught by Mary E Ramey in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Adv Interpersonal Comm in Communication at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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Date Created: 08/29/16
Monday August 29 2016 CMN 435 ADV Interpersonal Communication – Week 2 Lecture 1 - Verbal Communication “How you doin’?”  can vary in meaning due to tone of voice and pace being spoken at Types of Messages = Highlighted Blue ; Interpreting messages = Highlighted yellow ; Properties of Language = Highlighted green ; Confirming/Disconfirming messages/ Sin license = Highlighted pink Class Notes: Message and Meta- Message - Message: o Information conveyed by the meanings of words o You can still convey messages non-verbally - Meta-message o Helps us to interpret the message o Relationship between communicators o Tells us what the identities of the speakers are o Idea of context and occasion o Usually unspoken o But can tell someone “how to” convey a message  “I’m sorry I was just joking” o If we have to tell someone how to interpret our message is a sign of a misunderstanding or that things and communication are not going well. Interpreting messages - “I want to see you.” - How do you interpret that statement… o If your boss says it to you?  In trouble, promotion, requesting a task o If your lover says it to you?  They miss you and want to spend more time with you o If you dad says it to you?  Advice, you’re in trouble - Pragmatic codes o Govern what uses and interpretations of message are appropriate in a given context o Helps us interpret any kind of message and the meaning behind verbal statements  If your boss wants to see you  If your lover says they want to see you  If your dad says they want to see you 1 Monday August 29 2016 Properties of Language - Grice’s Maxims o When were in a conversation with someone we need to do our part o Give and Take  we have to uphold our end of the bargain o With the qualities below we can walk away from the conversation feeling satisfied.  Quantity  Amount of information that you’re supplying in a conversation  We should be proving enough information that helps answers questions  Shouldn’t be too much information so that the receiver is overwhelmed or too little information where the receiver gets the message in the wrong way.  Quality  In a conversation, you shouldn’t be setting out to deceives them  You should be telling the truth in your conversations  Relation  Says that you should stay relevant so that whatever topic we are talking about is on topic  If you don’t, you are not cooperating with your conversation partner  Manner  In conversations we should try and be clear  Should not try to confuse the other person  Should try to not say things on purpose  Making inside jokes is a violation of manner o If we follow Grice’s Maxims we should be able to understand each other’s conversations and have an affective conversation Confirming messages: - Confirming messages: o Some kind of indication that you are on the same page o That you are showing an understanding or match up with the conversation o Shows that you are involved in the conversation o That you are showing an understand of the occasion and the context too 2 Monday August 29 2016 Disconfirming messages: - Lack of involvement - Lack of attention - Interrupts the other - Example: o Your roommate says they had a bad day and you respond with “man this cat is so cute” o Where you are not showing the same level of understanding that matches up with their meta-message o “How are you doin?” (in a flirty way) “fine thank you!” - Why do disconfirming messages? o Not aware of message being communicated o Not interested in message o Annoyed Sin License - What is a sin license? o Ask permission to make a disconfirming message o Ask to talk about something irrelevant o “I hate to change the subject, but…” o “I hate to interrupt you but.” o look I know I’m interrupting you and that I am going to say something irrelevant and I hope that you don’t care. - Example? o “ No offense but..” o Acknowledging that you are interrupting o Use sin license sparingly o Reaction paper on Wilson and Morgan reading 3


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