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Ethics Notes

by: Robbi Flack

Ethics Notes BUSI 30153

Robbi Flack
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About this Document

Notes from first two weeks classes.
Ethical Decision Making
Dr. Shipp
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Robbi Flack on Tuesday August 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BUSI 30153 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Shipp in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Ethical Decision Making in Business at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 08/30/16
LEC 8/22 Ethics • ethics is everyone’s responsibility ◦ “man was destined for society. his morality, therefore, was to be formed to this object. his sense of right and wrong is as much a part of his nature as the senses of hearing, seeing, feeling; it is the true foundation of morality. state a moral case to a ploughman and a professor. the former will decide it as well, and often better than the latter” -Thomas Jefferson • business ethics defined ◦ “how personal moral norms apply to the activities and goals of commercial enterprise. it is not a separate moral standard, but the study of how the business context poses its own unique problems for the moral person who acts as an agent of the system" ◦ a reasoned conversation about morals, values, and virtues - this definition more intellectually pleasing • why be ethical? ◦ Tim Chappell says being ethical is about developing an ethical outlook. and what’s that? it is a set of views... • being a role model ◦ tell the truth ◦ keep promises ◦ respect others ◦ treat others as you with to be treated (lawson’s four rules of ethical leadership) • role model responsibilities ◦ demonstrate through personal leadership ◦ openly discuss ethical issues ◦ be aware of ethical issues, especially in new areas of business or with new customers ◦ recognize that mere compliance with the law is not enough - ethics is a higher standard LEC 8/29 Week 2 • business ethics is not a separate standard • deals with a set of contexts that business people encounter • ethics is an ongoing conversation This Class • talk about decision making - ethical decision making in business • choices that people make and that managers make in a company Acting Ethically • philosophers say about acting ethically... ◦ Skinner - no bulletproof rationale to acting ethically but are arguments God commands it - falls down under a lot of assumptions that you have to make, but if you have a religion that supports this it’s different for that individual aristotle said happiness requires it - don’t act ethically on our own, do it in a group (positive thing) acting immorally is irrational - kant says when people break norms it’s irrational ◦ Machiavelli - different perspective, just have to look like you’re acting ethically, don’t actually have to be ethical actions have to be ethical not necessarily your intentions all about the action - what people actually do ◦ Martin - different reasons legal factors public image - make people think you’re good person pragmatic reasons moral reasons ◦ Chappell in agreement with Aristotle • ***Article - Alm and Torgler ◦ talks about cheating - IRS stats show that very few people cheat ◦ 1% get audited ◦ only about 2% have material errors ◦ in italy it’s much different ◦ in the US most people do actually act ethically In Business • ***Article - Velasquez 1986 ◦ in response to another article ◦ HBR article is saying you can act unethically and still be successful ◦ Velasquez tells why that perspective is wrong ◦ 2 big reasons why people should act ethically: research on prisoner’s dilemma 2 people and can either defect (self interest) or not defect (altruistic) optimal strategy is to both not defect dilemma is you don’t know what the other is doing “tit-for-tat” - tells us when you make choices history is important tells us people act according to past experiences birds of a feather research shows that ethical people like to hang out with other ethical people tells you that people act the way people they hang around with act these reasons can also be used to see why people act unethically • ***Article - Friedman 1970 ◦ says ethics will be resolved by the market ◦ should let the market determine ethics (solve its own problems) ◦ didn’t think regulations were needed ◦ held this belief through all his books/articles


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