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MTH 123-08

by: eshumaker1328

MTH 123-08 MTH 123 08

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About this Document

Dr Meyering
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by eshumaker1328 on Tuesday August 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MTH 123 08 at Grand Valley State University taught by Dr Meyering in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Trigonometry in Mathematics at Grand Valley State University.

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Date Created: 08/30/16
Trigonometry MTH 123 Mrs. Ruth Meyering Fall 2016 Office: C-2-514 Math Department Office Phone: 331-2045 Phone: 331-2040 e-mail: FAX: 331-3120 Office Hours : MW 10--10:50AM and TR 10 –2:20 PM (with a lunch break from 12 to 1); others by appointment only. Come to get help, to talk, or just to say hi. I enjoy having you stop by. I enjoy getting to know you and how you think about math. Office hours are there to help meet your needs. If these times do not work, please work with me to find a time that does work for you. On-line meetings also work very well. I will and do respond to your email promptly. Blackboard has an instant messenger that is also available and easy to download.(BBIM) Be sure to ask about this if you are interested. I only do email (address above) Prerequisite: MTH 122(a grade of C or better is recommended), or through placement. Text: Trigonometry,ACircular FunctionApproach by MarieAratari, by Pearson,Addison, Wesley Publishers Calculator: Students are requiredto posses and bring to each class a Texas Instrument graphing calculator. Acell phone device is not acceptable when testing. It is highly recommended that students purchase a TI-83 or TI-84 (other calculators may be used but will not be discussed in class.) The instructor will use a TI-84.There will be no sharing of calculators during quizzes or tests. Cell phones calculators are not allowed to be used during a test or quiz. Course Content: This course will cover chapters 1 – 6. The trigonometric topics emphasized will be graphing, identities, inverses, and equation solving.Additional topics will include triangles, vectors, complex numbers and polar coordinates. Objectives: The General Education Skills Goals ( are to engage in articulate expression through effective writing and speaking, to think critically and creatively, to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively and to integrate different areas of knowledge and view ideas from multiple perspectives. This statement conveys my personal objectives for this course as well as summarizing the gen. ed. goals. The tests, quizzes, and projects will frequently require written explanations or justification of a solution. This written work is expected to include correct punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph form. Expertise in using technology as a tool to solving problems, logical reasoning, and communicating skills (both oral and written) will be developed while furthering the understanding of trigonometry. Homework: Daily problem assignments will be given. Students are expected to be prepared each day to discuss assignments or ask questions. Homework may be collected at times with certain problems used as grades, but not daily. Working ahead and reading through the section before it is discussed in class is always beneficial. Office hours are provided, partially, to address unanswered homework questions. Be sure to take advantage of those office times listed earlier; the on-line option works well. I enjoy your visits! Project: There will be two group writing projects. Many work situations require people to work together as a team. Students will be graded on the projects and their participation. Peer evaluations are part of the grade. Projects will be done mainly outside of class in approx. 2 weeks. Working in a group is required; much can be learned about oneself in the context of working in a group. The emphasis here is in writing about mathematics; demonstrating your conceptual knowledge. Activities: There will be in-class problems/activities (short, small group problem solving experiences), dealing with the material in the specified sections. Group work is just that: ~ group work. Students are required to be present when group activities given. It is impossible to make-up missed group work. Therefore, it is probable that lowest score(s) will be dropped at the end of the course. Quizzes: Short quizzes, not always announced, will be given on a regular basis. Some of these will occur online. The lowest quiz scores (usually 2 -3) will be dropped at the end of the course. Normally, no make-up quizzes will be given. The instructor will consider extenuating circumstances. Athletes need to plan ahead. Students have missed quizzes due to tardiness, try to avoid this situation. Tests: Three 50-minute tests will be given. Normally no make-up tests are given. In the event of a true emergency and the instructor has been notified in a timely fashion,(via phone or email), prior to the class meeting, alternatives will be discussed on an individual basis. Final Exam: All final exams will be given in their regular classrooms. The final exam is comprehensive and worth 20% of the final grade. There are no make-ups given for the final exam. Extenuating circumstances must be brought to the instructor’s attention. MTH 123-10 ~ Dec.13 @ 4:00 pm ~ 5:50 pm MTH 123-08 ~ Dec. 15 @ 4:00 pm ~ 5:50 pm Absences: Students are expected to attend class regularly and will be responsible for all material or announcements covered on the day that he/she is absent. Homework assignments can be obtained by checking Blackboard at Class participation is an important aspect of learning and class discussions vary from group to group. They can be very rewarding, but impossible to be “duplicated”. Poor attendance can, then, indirectly lower grades.
 Paperwork: All papers that are collected must be turned in when called for (unless you have spoken to me) or they are considered late and will be marked accordingly. The only “Late” papers accepted are those turned in within 24 hours of the original time they were due. (papers have not been returned to the class yet). If you are going to be absent on the day an assignment is due, either turn the paper in to the instructor (slide it under my door) or leave it with a secretary in the Math Office or send it with a friend. Papers that are to be handed in, only write on one side of a sheet of paper, trimming all ragged edges and if necessary, two or more pages should be stapled together. All problem solutions must be written neatly, preferably in pencil, showing all significant work, with attention given to logical organization. Papers not claimed in class on the day that they are handed back, may be picked up in the instructor’s office during office hours. Include the following information on the top right hand corner of all papers: Name (&/or group members names) MTH 123-00 (section) Date assignment is due Grading: Points will be awarded in categories. Each category is weighted as follows: Quizzes 15% 90-100% Arange The use of pluses and minuses will Hmwk/Act 10% 80-89% B range be used. Note that there are no final Project 15%. 70-79% C range grades ofA+ or D- given. Tests 40% 60-69% D range Final Exam 20% Below 60% F EX: A- 89.5% to 93.5% B+ 86.5% to 89.5% Total……… 100% Withdraw: The last day to withdraw with a grade of W is October 28, 2016. Paper work is the responsibility of the student. Please inform me if you withdraw from the class. If you stop coming to class you are not automatically withdrawn. Failure to follow procedures will result in a grade of F. Math Center: Awalk-in tutor lab is available in A-2-601 Mackinac Hall and is available on a walk-in basis. Even though you are asked to sign in and out when you attend, this information is only used to track use and validity of the lab. Regular hours will be Monday through Thursday 9-8 and Friday 9-2 starting Monday, the first week of classes. Pay attention to the holiday breaks. Website: Other Important Information: Learning Disabilities: Students who have special needs because of learning, physical or other disabilities should speak with me after class or during office hours. Additionally, the office of Disability Support Services (200 Student Services Building/ telephone 331.2490) should be notified. If you need assistance evacuating the building in an emergency situation, please make me aware so together we can develop an appropriate plan to assist you. Electronic Devises: Classroom environment is an important part of learning. Out of respect and courtesy for your fellow students and myself please turn off all pagers, cellular phones (including text messaging), MP3 players and iPods before entering the classroom and put them away. Any twittering, texting, etc., during quiz or test times will result in scores of zero. The calculator app is not acceptable during tests or quizzes. Do not give me cause to suspect you of cheating. It is possible that you will be asked to either hand over your cell phone or leave the class; it can be that disruptive. Please take this seriously. Truth and Honesty: It is expected that all students will follow the Student Code regarding all graded work according to Section 223.00, page 19, of the Student Code Book. Personal integrity and trust is something that is developed and honed as we mature and experience life. Bad choices can cause grievous damage; just like filing for bankruptcy, credit/trust is ruined as a result.At the university level, bad choices follow you the rest of your life. They become part of your permanent record. Again, do not give me cause to suspect you of cheating or plagiarism. Classroom Etiquette: Although the atmosphere here should be comfortable, remember this is a classroom, not a bedroom or a dining hall. Students are here to learn and study. Please be respectful and considerate of others around you who are trying to concentrate and focus, this includes being punctual. If you must bring a meal to class please be discrete. If you must leave early, please give notice before class and sit towards to the back of the room. We all appreciate courtesy.


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