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Notes 1- Aug 17, 2016

by: Aliyah Hawkins

Notes 1- Aug 17, 2016 HI 1073

Aliyah Hawkins
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About this Document

These Material are from Week 1
Modern U.S History
Dr. Jason Morgan Ward
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aliyah Hawkins on Tuesday August 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HI 1073 at Mississippi State University taught by Dr. Jason Morgan Ward in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 230 views.


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Date Created: 08/30/16
Aug 17,2016 Modern U. S. History HI1073 The USA Turns 100 (and 1) Objectives: - The Centennial Celebration - The End of Reconstruction - America in 1877 - Course Introduction Centennial Exposition • May 10- November 10 1876 • 1 and 5 American went to the even at least once - Themes of the Centennial Exposition 1. For the USA 2. For the World- announced USA as an economic power 3. Industrial power- (Ex: The Corliss Steam Engine) 4. Nation of Invention- (Ex: Type writer, Alexander Graham Bell’s tele’-phone 5. Showing off of the Natural Resources : (Ex: Rocks and Mineral exhibit, Animal and Wildlife exhibit) 6. Native American Artifacts on Display (Ex: Mannequin of Chief Red Cloud) 7. Bad New will hit the Exposition (Battle of Little Big Horn) Fourth of July 1876 • 100 anniversary of Independence • Robert E. Lee reads Declaration of Independence • Susan B. Anthony (Co-founder of National Women’s Suffrage Association) jumps on stage w/ Declaration and Protests for Women’s rights 1 Aug 17,2016 • Womens are given a day due to this movement : November 7th • Frederick Douglass Assesses the mistakes in the Reconstruction Act • Important : “ The Freed Slave” Memorial Hall ,Centennial Exposition 1876 Reconstruction Amendments • 13th Amendment : January 1865 - Prohibited slavery • 14th Amendment : June 1866 - Defined national citizenship to included former slaves - prohibited denying rights to citizens w/o “due process of law” - denied former Confederated the right to hold office • 15th Amendment: February 1869 - prohibited denial of suffrage because of race, color, etc. - Important Figure : U.S Senator Hiram Revels Natchez, Ms The Mississippi Plan - Enforces that The White ran everything - Trying to End Reconstruction Hamburg Massacre • South Carolina • July 4th 1876 • Event happens while the Economy is already struggling in the 1870s The “Mississippi Plan” in South Carolina • 3 states held by Republicans in the South • Event : “ Tilden or Blood” a political movement to get Samuel Tilden (Democrat)elected ; on Jan. 27 , 1877 - Republican President (Hayes) was the other candidate - End of Reconstruction for Democrats 2 Aug 17,2016 Questions for the Next Few Weeks - Industrialization • Why did U.S. industrialize so rapidly? • What Challenges did it bring ? • Did all Americans benefit from the changes? - Citizenship • Why were certain Americans not treated as full citizens? • How did they mobilize to achieve full citizenship? - Global Status • How did the US respond to the roll as a World Power? 3


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