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Comm 3356, Week 2 Notes

by: Theresa Nguyen

Comm 3356, Week 2 Notes Comm 3356

Marketplace > University of Houston > Communication > Comm 3356 > Comm 3356 Week 2 Notes
Theresa Nguyen
GPA 3.519

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About this Document

Explain the principles of team communication in high-performing teams. Describe and demonstrate approaches to planning, running, and following up on meetings. Explain the principles of effective vi...
Business-Professional Comm
Suzanne Buck
Class Notes
business, professional, communication
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Theresa Nguyen on Tuesday August 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Comm 3356 at University of Houston taught by Suzanne Buck in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Business-Professional Comm in Communication at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 08/30/16
Chapter 3: Team Communication and Difficult Conversations Barriers to Team Effectiveness  Ineffective communication  Lack of effective chartering and goal setting  Lack of clarity and goal setting  Low morale  Low productivity  Lack of trust Principles of Effective Team Communication  Teams should focus first and foremost on performance  Teams go through four natural stages to reach high performance  Effective teams build a work culture around values, norms, and goals  Effective teams meet often Stages of Development in High-Performance Teams  Forming stage - Team members focus on gaining acceptance and avoiding conflict  Storming stage - Team members open up with their competing ideas about how the team should approach work  Norming stage - The team arrives at a work plan, including the roles, goals, and accountabilities  Performing stage - Teams operate efficiently toward accomplishing their goals Principles of Effective Team Communication  Team Culture - Refers to a set of shared perceptions and commitment to collective values, norms, roles, responsibilities, and goals  Team Charter - Provides direction to the team in how it functions to meet shared objectives Types of Meetings  Coordination meetings - Primarily focus on discussing roles, goals, and accountabilities  Problem-solving meetings - Typically involve brainstorming about how to address and solve a particular work problem Working in Virtual Teams  Virtual teams - Generally consist of team members located at various offices (including home offices) and rely almost entirely on virtual technologies to work with one another Run Effective Virtual Meetings  Start the meeting with social chat  Start with a contentious question  Asking “what do you think about” questions  Make sure each team member is involved  Articulate views precisely  Take minutes in real-time  Focus on your teammates and avoid multitasking  Use video when possible Components of Difficult Conversations  1. Start well/declare your intent  2. Listen to their story  3. Tell your story  4. Create a shared story


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