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HIstory 330- Diplomatic History

by: Hewan Ft

HIstory 330- Diplomatic History Hist 330

Marketplace > James Madison University > History > Hist 330 > HIstory 330 Diplomatic History
Hewan Ft
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About this Document

These are personal notes including discussions, points of reference and important terms being discussed in class.
Diplomatic History
S. Mooney
Class Notes
history, Diplomacy




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hewan Ft on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 330 at James Madison University taught by S. Mooney in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see Diplomatic History in History at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 08/31/16
History 330 Sen. Robert Byrd speech right before the Iraqi invasion in 2003:- Notes on speech:- 1- Brought up what we notice now, then about the improper invasion. 2- Made a prediction that holds true 3- Not a war of necessity than a war of choice 4- Made the distinction between 9/11 and saddam hussain 5- New the war in Iraq was wrong and was rushed. 6- Asked question like ultimate mission and the actual danger at home. 7- He made America look like the villain 8- Keep his motives in mind- He was a kkk recruiter The first USA foreign policy was Independence. Key terms a- American Multiplication table- by doubling the American population, the US started to increase in power to start acquiring more land. Demographically important. Had population surge because of good diet, immigration, which leads to higher birth rate. b- Benjamin franklin c- Albany plan of 1754 d- Thomas Paine e- Isolationism f- Thomas Jefferson g- Model Treaty for alliance h- Anti-colonial Vs Revolution i- Isolationism j- Unilateralism- don’t want to be entangles with other nations but make a decision that is more self centered. Most foreign policy is unilateral not isolationist. k- Alexander Hamilton l- Articles of Confederation Manifest destiny? Winthrop concepts that is constantly reiterated - Gold or god, which on takes precedence? - The early establishment of the colonies and trading post for raw materials brining wealth - Much of that wealth is transferred westward Benjamin franklin was one of the best sec. of states in the earlier days Late 1700- theme behind the development and expansion of the us - Acquisition of wealth - Higher purpose- manifest destiny - Historical ties to events Search for wealth and Prosperity- American felt they could be richer if they broke off from UK. - South colonies concentrated on pushing westward and establishing favorable trading partners in England and the rest of Europe - North colonies focused on fishing, timber and sea trade - Sense of independence and destiny intertwined Revolution was the inevitable- - After 7 years war, Brits were poor - French lost land and territory, they wanted to help USA by making Brits lose. (Self serving interest) - It was inevitable- because of the land separation and distance - 1776- 2.4 million white colonist believe they were “different”


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