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HIST 1720 Hebrew People notes

by: Ann Carter Herbert

HIST 1720 Hebrew People notes Hist 1720

Marketplace > Clemson University > History > Hist 1720 > HIST 1720 Hebrew People notes
Ann Carter Herbert

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About this Document

King Solomon, etc.
The West and the World 1
Professor Caroline Dunn
Class Notes
Hebrew, people
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ann Carter Herbert on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 1720 at Clemson University taught by Professor Caroline Dunn in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see The West and the World 1 in History at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 08/31/16
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9/1/2016  The Dead Sea scrolls  Scholars believe that the Old Testament was written by multiple authors o This is because one author criticizes the teachings of an earlier author o Written by many people over many centuries before it was condensed into one solid text  The covenant in the Hebrew scriptures describes: o The contractual relationship made between God and the people after Exodus o This is the first time God has made a contractual agreement  He said he would deliver the people as long as they followed his law  The Hebrew people’s promise to uphold God’s law o Must not eat flesh with life blood in it o Man shall not shed the blood of man o Establishes occasions for animal sacrifices (usually a lamb)  A Passover offering  This Passover must be celebrated for all time if you are to be God’s chosen people  Israel and Judah were the two main regions of Egypt  King Solomon: o A king who takes from his people o Similar to Gilgamesh in his greed o People didn’t seem to mind this too much because they want a strong ruler to keep them safe and fight for them  David: o Still speculation if he actually existed o He takes nomadic people (shepherds) and turns them into a more settled people  Turn themselves into a state  Jerusalem was chosen because it did not have a major significance to any of the tribes and a good location o Probably comes from a good family and is accepted o From Jerusalem, David and Solomon are able to expand their rule  Chastity and adultery were not of concern to these two leaders  Women were not the only ones that were seen as second in society, not all misogynistic  After Solomon, things start to deteriorate a bit o People are not necessarily following the ten commandments o The Profit Jeremiah: says that there needs to be a change in human behavior  This is foreshadowing the birth of Christ  New Babylonians: Chaleans o A new form of government and people begin to emerge o Take over Jerusalem and conquered their temple, etc. o Many of them go to Babylon  Hebrew people are now trying to figure out how to still be God’s chosen people if we are not in his land and in his temple-start to question if they still are God’s chosen people if he let this happen to them  Many Hebrew people turn to experts in the legal field o Rabbis-experts in Hebrew law The Persian Empire:  Largest empire that has ever emerged thus far in history  Cyrus is the leader – conquered Babylon o Allows the Hebrew people to go back into their own land o Fairly happy to let people govern themselves as long as they pay tribute to the Persian empire and don’t rebel against the government


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