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Hist 2010-004 U.S to 1877 notes for 8/29

by: Calhoun

Hist 2010-004 U.S to 1877 notes for 8/29 HIST 2010

Marketplace > East Tennessee State University > HIST 2010 > Hist 2010 004 U S to 1877 notes for 8 29

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About this Document

These are the notes for Hist 2010-004 U.S to 1877 notes for 8/29. Theyre all typed and easy to follow. I hope this helps.
U.S. to 1877 005
Class Notes
Hist 2010-004 U.S to 1877 notes for 8/29
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Calhoun on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2010 at East Tennessee State University taught by Depew in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views.


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Date Created: 08/31/16
Hist 2010-004 U.S to 1877 notes for 8/29 Mr.Depew Columbus has a plan! - He believes Asia is 2500 miles from his front door, to the west. o In reality its more than 11,000 miles away. - He believes that Eratosthenes had gotten the math wrong, and wanted to prove it. - He visits Portuguese King first to gather the coin, ship and men o Denied - He moves to Spain with his newly married wife Mune’z o Married in 1451 o She knew secretes to navigation which she shared with Columbus. - He asks Henry the VII of England o Denied - He asks the French o Denied again - Not until he asks all these others does he think to ask the Spaniards, even though he lives there. o They give him the ships  Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria o Think they don’t have much to lose on this venture o During this venture, they passed well beyond the predicted 2500 miles, but no one knew, he (Columbus) had been sneaking down to the navigation room and erasing the marks made so know one would know. o By the time the crew found out they were way past the point of no return, but luckly found an island. o However there was no;  Asians  Wealth o They spent three months looking for the king of Japan o Only thing they took back with them were exotic birds, plants, animals and natives. The King and Queen - Happy as could be - They knew that Columbus had failed in his initial task but didn’t care. - Spain was now running first place in the “information area” - Columbus is made Admiral of the Ocean Sea o They had the captives baptized, they were THEN called “ Indiose” meaning people in God. Origination of the term Indian. - Spain Runs to the Pop – Alexander IV for permission to claim the lands and trade route to the west - Monks were sent along with Columbus to “spread Christianity”. They did indeed do this but at the same time the Conquistadors were carrying chains and shackles right up behind them. - In 1504 the Columbus’s crew mutiny after 2 years of navigation looking for Asia. - King Henry - Sent John Cabot (name before baptized Giovanni Cabot) - Born 1455 in Gaeta, Near Naples. - On first trip he discovered “NewFoundland” o His Son captains the second ship o The second ship on the second trip is never heard from again. Amerigo Vespucci - Had a great passion for geography - 1499 he sailed with the Spanish To the New World - 1507 a German map maker named the “New World” America (from Amerigo) - 1513 Vasco Nunez de Balbao crossed the isthmus of panama - 1519 magellan leaves on his voyage o 5 ships 250 men - 1519 was killed by Philippian tribesmen o All that’s left is 18 men and 1 ship - Whole trip was a disaster, only trip worth taking in that direction is for the New World.


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