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Lecture Notes #1

by: Olivia Bannerman

Lecture Notes #1 GWSS 200 A

Olivia Bannerman
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About this Document

Taking place October 4th, notes covering our first real lecture on topics regarding GWSS. Opens with classroom information, followed by notes including information about different kinds of feminism...
Intro Womens Studies
Amanda L Swarr
Class Notes
Women's Studies, Intersectionality, intersex, lgbtq, Feminism, waves




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Olivia Bannerman on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GWSS 200 A at University of Washington taught by Amanda L Swarr in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 183 views. For similar materials see Intro Womens Studies in History at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 08/31/16
LECTURE NOTES 10.4.2016 INTRODUCTION TO GENDER, WOMEN & SEXUALITY STUDIES Office hours are open to all who needs for any TA. One hour is allotted for each TA for drop in situations. Email for appointment at a different time. New UW Policy found in announcements, preferred name Additional Readings can be found on Canvas. - Files -> Readings (only additional readings are here) Extra Credit- Announced to students, are not asked for. You can suggest events that are closely related to the class topics. Contact Professor Swarr or one of the TAs. Development of Women’s Studies - Women’s studies emerged in Academia in the 1960’s-70s. - World of Academia had been very disciplinary - Women’s studies is very interdisciplinary • Disciplinary o Academia § English, History, Chem, etc. Very neat and traditional subjects. - At the time, Academia had no real interdisciplinary variety. Interdisciplinarity- Any fields that are combining any disciplines. - Women’s studies in infancy - How do we think about women in a not disciplinary way? Intersectionality- A way to think about how different aspects of identity come together in all of us. - Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, Ability o Visible and invisible social privilege and identity o An assumption of something with no implication of the notion (assuming something about someone or something with no distinct evidence) o Lens for seeing the world § Things that are much more common than women’s studies Early Women’s Studies Adrienne Rich- Claiming An Education - What does it man to receive vs claim an education? o “You cannot afford to think of being here to receive an education. You will do much better to think of yourself as being here to claim one.” Beverly Guy Sheftfall Bonnie Thorton Dill - Don’t think of women as singular - Women’s studies also related to Racism and so many other social issues. - Not singular- see Intersectionality. Experience- - Race - Class - Other dimensions of inequality Two Models- Additive Model of Identity Gender + Race + Class = Identity o Addressing them all individually on a separate, non-related scale unless you make them so. Intersectionality Model- o More complex- More accurate o Cannot take out one aspect without the whole network crumbling o More than one strand of thought, all connected o Gender Identity, Race, Esteem and how it all works together. US Centered Waves- st 1 - Suffrage and abolition, 1850’s -> Racist Movement, very focused on further white women and not black. - Activism Intertwined 2 - Social Movements, 1960’s - Much more intersectional o Women’s rights were separate o Civil Rights Movement o LGBTQ Rights o Primarily in 1960’s, Sexuality + Class rd 3 - Unsettling Woman, 1990’s - What did it mean to be a woman? - Men + Women, Binary genders questioned Times in Between Waves - Overlap of Waves - Waves Continued on, tapered off Pros- These are significant markers, of history and achievements Relevance of historical context Cons- Shows fads within feminism - No fluidity - Implies that feminism didn’t exist before and after the waves. Multiple Feminisms- Liberal Feminism - Believe in the present system and work around the parameters of it. Change public areas ( education and employment) to remove roadblocks from women’s public lives. Radical Feminism - Sexism is present in all areas of society and needs a radical change Marxist/ Socialist Feminism - Very concerned with class and women’s position in the work force. Society as a whole and women’s position in it. Multiracial Feminism - Sexism cannot be separated from racism. Multiple Perspectives, Variety Labels such as theses can be problematic. Not usually how people still identify because these definitions were more relevant in 80’s and 90’s.


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