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MENA 160A Class Notes Week 2

by: madelinef

MENA 160A Class Notes Week 2 MENA 160A1

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Religious Studies > MENA 160A1 > MENA 160A Class Notes Week 2
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About this Document

These include the notes from the second week of class.
The Religion of Islam
Professor Scott Lucas
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by madelinef on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MENA 160A1 at University of Arizona taught by Professor Scott Lucas in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see The Religion of Islam in Religious Studies at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 08/31/16
MENA 160A 1 Week 2 Notes **NO Class Monday- Labor Day Weekend**  No bloodshed is allowed in the Ka’ba (sanctuary)  Don’t usually draw Muhammad- it is a respect thing. If he is drawn he is veiled and never drawn without one.  622 (year 1 in Muslim calendar)- Mecca period o 1 verse= Early Muhammad Experiences o Hidja- Muhammad’s first wife. Had 4 daughters. She was the first person to be Islam after Muhammad.  Three movements in the Mecca periods o Muhammad’s ascension of Mount Hira o Muhammad’s night journey to Jerusalem and ascension through the 7 heavens  Lead profits in prayer. Met the following in the 7 heavens…  1. Adam, 2 John and Jesus, 3 Joseph, 4 Hidrez, 5 Aaron, 6 Moses, 7 Abraham  At first god told Muhammad to make his people pray 50 times a day and Abraham said that was way too much and they talked about it and got it down the 5 times a day o Muhammad’s emigration of Medina (Hijra)  Dates st o 610- 1 revelations o 613- public preaching o 615- emigration to Ethiopia o The night journey ascension o 619- “year of sorrow”- Lost wife and uncle Abu tabulah (who was never Muslim but supported him) o 622- Hijra/Emigration to Medina o Up until 622 was called the Meccan Period  The parties in Medina  The Muslim umma (community) didn’t erase tribes st o 1. Emigrants (Muhajirum)- 1 group to follow Muhammad prior to emigration o 2. Helpers (Ansar)- indigenous people of Medina who invited Muhammad to come o 3 hypocrite (Munafigun)- said they were Muslim but did not show up or pray  Jewish Tribes  Constitution of Medina  Said these 4 things o 1. Loyalty to the Muslim umma in war and peace is superiors to tribal loyalty o 2. Jews are a community and allies to the Muslims o 3. Muhammad is the supreme political authority of Muslim umma and Jews o 4. Medina is a sanctuary (no bloodshed is allowed there) Significant Marriages o Muhammad and A’isha, daughter of Abu bark (first caliph) th o Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, to ‘Ali (4 caliph, 1 imam) Hansen and Husain were grandchildren o Muhammad and Hafsa, daughter of ‘Umar (Second Caliph) o Umm Kulthum, daughter of Muhammad to ‘Uthman (3 caliph) rd o Muhammad and Umm Habiba, sister of Mu’awiya (5 Caliph) th  Opposition to the Muslims  3 Jewish tribes in Medina o Bau Qayhhuqa, ‘Banu-al- wadir, Banu Qurayza  Meccan Quraysh (polytheists)  Other Bedouin tribes Major Battles  624- Badr- Expulsion of Banu Qaynuqa’ victory  625- Uhud, Expulsion of Banu Al-Nadir; Muhammad was injured because the guards left their assigned spot. Not a total loss but kind of  627- Khandaq/the trench- destruction of banu qurayza. Kind of a victory  lesser pilgrimage= journey to Mecca at any time of the year  Victories o 628- Hudaybiya- a nonviolent strategy o 629- khaybar- return of Abyssinian emigrants o 630- conquest of Mecca- was taken in peace because no bloodshed allowed! o 632- Farwell pilgrimage/death of Muhammad. Ka’b b. Zuhayr’s “Su’ad Has Departed” – a poem/ode Structure: o Prelude- su’ad has departed and today me heart is sick/ A slave to her traces, unashamed and enriched o Journey Section o Praise/Board/Reunification- apparently he insulted Muhammad here  “I was told God’s messenger had threatened me/ but from God’s messenger pardon had hoped  “The messenger is surly a sword from who flesh light is sought/ one of the swords of God, an Indian blade unsheathed” Muhammad is buried in Medina.


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