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Film 100 Week 2 Notes

by: savvi789

Film 100 Week 2 Notes FMS 100

Marketplace > Kansas > Film > FMS 100 > Film 100 Week 2 Notes
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About this Document

Includes book, class, and screening notes
Introduction to Film
Anne Gilbert
Class Notes
Film, cinema studies
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by savvi789 on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FMS 100 at Kansas taught by Anne Gilbert in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Film in Film at Kansas.


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Date Created: 08/31/16
Film 100 Week Two Notes    Chapter 2 Reading  ● Film Form  ○ Mise-en-scène- Everything that makes up what is in the frame: lighting, setting,  props, costuming, and makeup  ○ Sound- Comprised of dialogue, effects, music, and ambience  ○ Editing- combines shots to create a sequence  ● Form shapes our expectations for a film. For example, if the first five minutes are highly  stylized and consistent, then slips in style will leave audiences dissatisfied. When we watch a  movie, we form expectations from the very beginning.   ● MacGuffin- An object within the story that is important to a character but ends up not being  important to the storyline itself  ● Movies depend on:  ○ Light  ■ Images are made when the camera lens copies light patterns onto film or a  video sensor chip.  ■ Light and lighting are two different things. Light is responsible for what we  see. Lighting is responsible for the significance of certain light on screen.   ■ Lighting is important because different angles can make an actor more  attractive or less so, can display emotion, or contradict dialogue.   ○ The Illusion of Movement  ■ When we see film, we are really seeing 24 frames per second.  ■ Persistence of vision- The brain retains an image for a split second more than  the eye sees it, giving us the illusion of succession and movement.   ■ Phi phenomenon- When two events follow each other quickly, it gives off  the illusion of movement.   ○ The Manipulation of Time and Space  ■ Movies are both spatial and temporal because they can control and  manipulate time and space. If you watch a play, the setting is more or less  fixed, but in a movie, you can jump from place to place or time to time with  ease.   ■ The manipulation of time can be used for irony, comical effect, dramatic  effect, an en media res effect, etc. A movie might be cutting back and forth  between simultaneous things or flashing back to another moment in time.  Movies can speed up or slow down for great effect (The Matrix is a perfect  example)  ○ Realism vs Antirealism (Formalism)  ■ Early filmmakers Lumière and Méliès were in opposition in early film. The  Lumière’s were interested in capturing real life events and everyday activities  while Méliès created fantastical films full of imagination and formal elements.   ■ Realism does not equal realistic. Realism deals with the form of a movie  while realistic is a comment about content  ■ Verisimilitude- A film’s ability to convince an audience that the world its  story takes place is legitimate within that context.   ● If you’re watching a rom com, you expect one thing of the world the  story takes place in versus watching a sci fi film. It’s the director's job  to make you believe that that world is legitimate for the duration of  the movie    8/29/16 Class  ● The two elements necessary for a film are light and movement.  ● Phi phenomenon- The illusion of movement when images move in rapid succession  ● Persistence of vision- Images stay in our brains for a split second longer than we see them.  ● Content vs Form  ○ Content is the subject, what the movie is about, characters, settings, etc  ○ Form is how the subject is expressed and presented, how we experience and  interpret the content  ● Cinematography + Mise en Scène + Sound + Narrative = Film Form  ○ Film form creates patterns that we as an audience come to recognize as conventions  (And we are surprised when those patterns are subverted in some way). Film form  also shapes our expectations for a movie. It sets what’s normal in the on screen  world and storyline, creating style.   ● Realism and Antirealism (Formalism)  ○ Realism tries to mimic real life and exist in the world as we know it.  ○ Antirealism is interest in the unworldly, things that are abstract, imaginary, or beyond  our physical reality  ○ Most movies fall in between these two, combining elements of both.     8/30/16 Screening  ● Casablanca (1942, dir. Michael Curtiz)  ○ Early Hollywood film, exemplifies the popular style of the time  ○ The movie is very topical for the time, dealing with a colony on the front of World  War 2.     8/31/16 Class  ● Mise en Scène- The visual elements you see in the frame + how those elements interact  ○ French for ‘to put in place’ or ‘to put on a stage’  ○ Design (setting decor, props, hair/wardrobe, makeup, color, acting, sound, staging,  lighting) and composition (framing and kinesis) 


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