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Art History- Wk 2

by: April Sapp

Art History- Wk 2 Art 100-02 (Introduction to Art)

April Sapp

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About this Document

These notes cover Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Ancient Egyptian art.
Introduction to Art 100-02
Dr. Alexandra Dodson
Class Notes
Introduction, Art, Art History, history, ancient egypt, Paleolithic, Neolithic
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by April Sapp on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Art 100-02 (Introduction to Art) at University of North Carolina - Greensboro taught by Dr. Alexandra Dodson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Art 100-02 in Art History at University of North Carolina - Greensboro.

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Date Created: 08/31/16
Art 100-02 Introduction to Art Week 2 Paleolithic Art • “Paleo” (old) & “lithic” (stone) • Began around 40,000 BCE • Invention of recording the world around us • “Ur-Mothers” • “Ur” - prefix meaning proto, primitive, original “Venus of Willendorf” Sculpture in the round • can view sculpture all around; entire sculpture is sculpted to be viewed • details paid attention to all around Two Bison in Clay Relief Sculpture • generally flat on one side • two-dimensional Neolithic Art • “Neo” (new) & “lithic” (stone) • C. 9000 BCE • Climate warmed, humans domesticated animals and cultivated agriculture (thus becoming less mobile) • First evidence inAnatolia and Mesopotamia (Middle East) “Stonehenge” Post & lintel • developed during the Neolithic art era • a simple structure of two posts (vertical) and one lintel (horizontal) Ancient Egypt • TheAncient Egyptian culture spanned more than 3000 years (c. 3500 BCE – 30 CE) • Hugely dependent on the Nile River • Rulers were known as Pharaohs • Polytheistic (worshipped many different gods) ◦ Many were part animal and part human • Utilized system of writing known as hieroglyphics Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic System of writing in which pictures represented sounds and words Predynastic Egypt: • Atime when Egypt was controlled by many rulers • Egypt divided into Upper and Lower Egyptian • C. 3150 – the commemoration of unification of Upper and Lower Egyptian • Egypt came to be controlled by one ruler –Apharaoh Hierarchy Scale Depicting a normal figure in a work of art in a greater size Registers Apiece of artwork organized in tiers Mastaba Tombs Tombs pharaohs and wealthy citizens were buried in • put into use by c.2900 BCE “Subtractive” Carving Process Carving a solid mass into intricate details in order to make a sculptures Stepped Pyramid Imhotep designed the first stepped pyramid and also the first known column (which is designed into the Mortuary Complex)


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